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Financial Thrillers

Updated: September 27, 2012

Action, plot twists, and intrigue with a Wall Street setting.

Hains, Richard.
A Wall Street trader plans one huge fraud.

Reich, Christopher, 1961-
A CEO is trapped in a conspiracy to throw the global economy into chaos.

Sanghoee, Sanjay.
A young banker exposes a shadowy power broker while under scrutiny of the SEC.

Davies, Linda, 1963-
A trader is recruited by the Bank of England to break a money laundering scheme.

Frey, Stephen W.
An investment banker battles dark forces to bring the NFL to Vegas.

Vance, Lee.
A Wall Street broker is framed for murder of his wife.

Le Carre?, John, 1931-
Big deals gone bad expose links between finance and criminals.

Vonnegut, Norb.
A young Wall Street trader investigates the death of his partner.

Call Number: SS
Short stories about the seamy side of the Street.