PR and Marketing Conversation | Los Angeles Public Library

The Library will be closed on Monday, March 25 in observance of Cesar Chavez’s Birthday.

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PR and Marketing Conversation

Episode Summary

For our November chat we have with us Marketing and Public Relation speakers from the Los Angeles Public Library, Golin, and the Director of Marketing & PR for the New Mart discussing careers in the PR and Marketing world.


  • Llyr Heller: Librarian I, Teen'Scape


  • Brenda J. Breaux, Los Angeles Public Library
  • Stacy DeVera, Golin PR
  • Katie Houghton, Golin PR
  • Ashleigh Kaspszak, Director of Marketing & PR for the New Mart

Tech Support:

  • Tina Lerno
  • Neale Stokes

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