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Wealthy & Wise: The Road to Riches @ LAPL

Business & Economics Department, Central Library,
Wealthy & Wise

Money can’t buy happiness but writing books on wealth just might.  How to get rich is a popular subject in Business and Economics and our collection on wealth will inspire you to take that winding road to budget, save, invest, and prosper.  The Library has books, AV material, e-Books, newspapers, magazines and databases that cover many facets of accumulating wealth.  Is wealth a state of mind, living a rich life, a healthy stock portfolio, assets galore, money in the bank or freedom from deprivation?  There are no straight answers but many, many opinions!  Here are a few.

• How to be rich by J. Paul Getty.  Instead of telling readers how to get rich, Getty shares what it means to be rich and the attitude and outlook of the wealthy.
658.017 G394  [various editions]
• The millionaire next door : the surprising secrets of America's wealthy by Thomas Stanley.  Book identifies seven traits that are common among those who have accumulated wealth.
331.84 S789
• The richest man in Babylon by George Clason.  Popular since the 1920’s, book discusses the “Babylonian parables” of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth.
331.84 C614-1 [various editions]
• Think & grow rich by Napoleon Hill.  Classic since 1937, Hill reveals principals of personal achievement that will help readers overcome the psychological barriers that keep them from wealth.
174 H647 and e-Book

STEADY AS SHE GOES – The Conventional Path to Riches
• Common sense on mutual funds by John Bogle.
332.14 B675-1 2010 and e-Book
• The intelligent investor : the classic text on value investing by Benjamin Graham. 
332.63 G738-1 2005 and e-Book
• Jim Cramer's get rich carefully by Jim Cramer. 
332.63 C889-4 and e-Book
• The money class : how to stand in your truth and create the future you deserve by Suze Orman.
332.01 O73-9 2012 and e-Book
• Money, master the game : 7 simple steps to financial freedom by Anthony Robbins.
332.01 R632
• A random walk down Wall Street: the time-tested strategy for successful investing by Burton Malkiel.
332.6 M251-1 [various editions]
• Secrets of the millionaire mind : mastering the inner game of wealth by Harv Eker.
332.4019 E36 and e-Book
• Stocks for the long run : the definitive guide to financial market returns & long-term investment strategies by Jeremy Siegel. 
332.63 S571 and e-Book
• The ten roads to riches : the ways the wealthy go there (and how you can too!) by Ken Fisher.
332.01 F534
• The total money makeover : a proven plan for financial fitness by Dave Ramsey.
332.01 R183-5 2013 and e-Book
• The wealthy barber : everyone's commonsense guide to becoming financially independent by David Chilton.
332.01 C538 1998

TECHNICAL ANALYIS – Money by the Numbers
• Art and Science of Technical Analysis : market structure, price action, and trading strategies by Adam Grimes.
• Candlestick charting explained workbook : step-by-step exercises and tests to help you master candlestick charting by Gregory Morris.
332.63 M876-1
• How to make money in stocks : a winning system in good times or bad by William O’Neil.
332.63 O58 [various editions] and e-Book
• Technical analysis explained : the successful investor's guide to spotting investment trends and turning points by Martin Pring.
332.63 P957 [various editions] and e-Book
• Technical analysis of the financial markets : a comprehensive guide to trading methods and applications by John Murphy.
332.64 M9775 [various editions] and e-Book

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE – The Dream of Infomercial Riches
• Be a real estate millionaire : how to build wealth for a lifetime in an uncertain economy by Dean Graziosi.
333.6 G785 2009
• Multiple streams of income : how to generate a lifetime of unlimited wealth by Robert G. Allen.
332.01 A426-1 and e-Book
• Real estate, the world's greatest wealth builder : the best-selling author tells how to make million by Carleton Sheets.
333.6 S5415
• Rich dad, poor dad : what the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not! by Robert T. Kiyosaki.
332.01 K62 and e-Book

It's easy to start charting your financial future with tools in the Business & Economics Department.  Our Financial Resources Guide is a comprehensive guide to library and online resources that provide information, education, and tools covering savings, credit, investments, budgeting, financial planning, and consumer protection.  Access the Guide using the link or select “Money Matters” on the Library’s home page side bar.

Popular advisory services such as Morningstar for mutual funds, Standard and Poor’s and Valueline for stocks are available as databases or print resources at the Central Library. 

Morningstar Investment Research Center
(Database accessible from Central Library only)
Morningstar Investment Research Center (MIRC) provides independent analysis and real-time data on over 14,500 stocks, 24,800 mutual funds, 1,500 exchange-traded funds and 700 closed end funds, plus analyst reports on over 3,500 securities.  MIRC also provides screening tools, current articles and videos and financial educational resources.

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage
(Database accessible from any computer via the web, LAPL Library Card required)
Comprehensive business and investment information including S&P's Capital IQ industry surveys, stock reports, corporation records, The Outlook, mutual fund reports, executive biographies and more.  The Advanced Stock Screener allows users to select any combination of Basic, Fundamental and Financial filters to find stocks that match their criteria.  With current and historic stock prices back to 1984, the Daily Price Record provides high, low and closing prices of over 75,000 US stocks and de-listed securities.  Historic stock prices are very handy at tax time for calculating the cost basis of a stock or mutual fund investment.

Value Line Investment Survey (Standard Edition) R 332.6 V2155
Value Line Investment Survey (Expanded Edition, Small & Mid-Cap) R 332.6 V2155-1
Value Line Investment Survey. Selection and Opinion R 332.6 V2155
(Business reference desk)
The Value Line Investment Survey consists of professional research and recommendations on approximately 1,700 stocks.  One-page Survey reports include a concise review the company’s businesses, prospects, ranking for stock safety and timeliness, 10-year record of balance sheet and income statements, 15-years of per-share data and dividend tables.  The Survey also provides weekly updates on the financial markets, recommended portfolios, developments involving covered securities and special topical reports.

Investor's Business Daily (IBD)
(Business reference desk)
For fans of William O’Neil’s growth stock investing strategy “CAN SLIM”, LAPL has the perfect diet for your money.  IBD provides “big picture” market analysis, stock lists and proprietary stock ratings.  LAPL is the only library in the West Coast that carries the IBD in hardcopy from 1990 to present. 

Other popular financial publications such as Barron’s, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Money, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance can be found in Business and Economics or through the Library’s newspaper/magazine databases.

There is no shortage of advice on how to get rich – every financial guru has an angle and every publication aims to be the next investing classic.  At the end of the day, remember “If money is your hope for independence you will never have it.  The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.”  Henry Ford.