Using Natural Products for Self-Care and Wellness

Ana Campos, Principal Librarian, Central Library Services,
wooden spoon and bowl of honey next to a lemon

When we think of health and wellness, diet and exercise usually come to mind. But we can also include self-care—personal grooming and hygiene as part of maintaining our overall physical and mental well-being.

Taking care of our hair, skin, teeth and other aspects of our physical appearance have been a part of our global heritage for millennia with every culture having its own natural beauty secrets and self-care practices. Rosewater for smooth skin, avocado for luxurious hair, and cloves and cinnamon for a bright smile are just some of the age-old recipes for looking and feeling your best.

Many rituals from around the world begin with the cleansing and care of the body as a preparation to clear the mind and nurture the soul. And what we use to take care of our bodies is just as important as how we take care of ourselves.

Learning to use natural ingredients and creating your own self-care products can enhance your overall health and save you money. The Integrative Health Specialist, Dr. Desmonette Hazly, who will be presenting workshops on how to make your own natural self-care products, has some suggestions for successfully using natural ingredients for self-care:

  • Do your homework—research the natural ingredients you would like to use to know how to use them properly and to understand their effects.
  • Be aware of allergies—test the natural ingredients and products by putting a small amount on your hand to see if you have an adverse reaction to the products.
  • Make simple recipes with simple ingredients—the simpler the recipe for your self-care products, the better it is for you and the environment.
  • Less is more—although what you are using is made of natural ingredients, moderation is the key to success.
  • Make sure to store your self-care products properly and keep them in a dry cool area.

Making and using natural self-care products can be an enjoyable adventure that introduces you to a world wonder and wellness.

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