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Teen Book Fest Panel Preview: Other Worlds

Teenscape Department, Central Library,
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The Other Worlds panel will take place on Saturday, October 12 at 2pm in Teen'Scape.

Zombies, space ships, parallel universes, post-apocalyptic futures, and a whole town filled with vampires, shape-shifters, and psychics - these are the fictional universes we’ll be diving into with our panelists on the Other Worlds panel.

Meet our panelists!:

Cecil Castellucci, author of First Day on Earth

When a troubled boy who believes he was abducted by aliens meets a boy who claims he's an alien stranded on earth, the two strike up an unusual friendship in this heartfelt story about what it means to be an outsider.

Tom Leveen, author of Sick

When a school assembly becomes ground zero for the zombie apocalypse, it’s up to a Breakfast Club-esque group of misfits, cheerleaders, jocks, and theatre geeks to plot a daring rescue mission.

Gretchen McNeil, author of 3:59

In this action-packed science fiction thriller, Josie discovers that she has a doppelgänger living a dream life in a parallel universe. The chance to switch places for a day seems too good to pass up, but once Josie steps through the portal, she finds herself in a nightmarish world - and now, she’s trapped there.

Mary Pearson, author of The Jenna Fox Chronicles

When 17-year-old Jenna Fox wakes up from a coma after a catastrophic accident, she has trouble believing the memories she’s recovering are actually hers. The more she questions, the more she suspects she’s been lied to in this suspenseful, thought-provoking sci-fi and dystopian trilogy.

Marlene Perez, author of the Dead Is… series

This series about a pair of psychic sisters solving paranormal crimes in the very troubled town of Nightshade, California is a little bit Buffy, a little bit Veronica Mars, a little bit True Blood, and a whole lot of fun.

Sherri L. Smith, author of Orleans

In the wake of hurricanes and a deadly plague, the Gulf Coast has been quarantined from the rest of the U.S and barricaded behind the Wall. When the leader of Fen’s tribe dies in childbirth, Fen swears to uphold her dying wish and get the baby over the Wall to the Outer Lands in this gripping and powerful book.

We will be giving away prize bags including copies of First Day on Earth, Sick, 3:59, The Adoration of Jenna Fox, Dead Is Just a Dream, and Orleans to members of the audience at this panel. Don’t forget to fill out a prize ticket when you take your seat!

Cecil Castellucci, Tom Leveen, Gretchen McNeil, and Mary Pearson will be signing copies of their books in Meeting Room B from 3:00-3:30. Sherri L. Smith will be signing Orleans from 3:30-4:00, and Marlene Perez will be signing Dead Is Just a Dream from 4:00-4:30, also in Meeting Room B.