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Teen Book Fest Panel Preview: Make 'Em Laugh

Teenscape Department, Central Library,
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The Make 'Em Laugh panel will take place on Saturday, October 12 at 3pm in Meeting Room A.

Though the authors on this panel write stories about everything from spies and paranormal critters to relationships and family drama, they all use humor to give their stories that extra something special.

Meet the panelists!:

Maurene Goo, author of Since You Asked

Holly Kim was perfectly happy to fly under the radar until the day her snarky rewrite of a fellow newspaper staffer’s column is accidentally published. Holly’s subversive snarkiness gets people’s attention, and lands her a monthly column in the school paper - and a whole lot of new fans and detractors.

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Kristen Kittscher, author of The Wig in the Window

On a midnight spy mission, Sophie Young and Grace Yang witness a grisly scene when they peer through the window of their middle school counselor. Or it turns out, Dr. Charlotte Agford is just making her famous pickled beets, not hacking up a body. But then things take a turn for the weird, and suddenly, the girls begin suspect that something sinister is going on with their school counselor after all.

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Lindsey Leavitt, author of Going Vintage

When Mallory finds out her boyfriend has a secret online life that includes a cyber-girlfriend named BubbleYum, she swears off her phone and the internet. But when she finds her grandmother’s high school yearbook and a list of her junior year back to school resolutions, Mallory decides to take things a step further and complete the things on her grandmother’s list which include running for pep squad secretary, sewing a dress for homecoming, and finding a “steady.”

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Marlene Perez, author of Dead Is Just a Dream

This series about a pair of psychic sisters solving paranormal crimes in the very troubled town of Nightshade, California is a little bit Buffy, a little bit Veronica Mars, a little bit True Blood, and a whole lot of fun.

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Amy Spalding, author of The Reece Malcolm List

After her father dies, Devan is sent to Los Angeles to live with her mother, a bestselling novelist who’s never shown any interest in raising her before. Once Devan arrives, she finds a world she hadn’t expected. There’s a little bit of family drama, of course, but there’s also the city, a performing arts school, cute boys, and Devan’s first chance at feeling like she’s found her tribe.

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Moderator: Theresa Webster, Young Adult Librarian, Teen’Scape

We will be giving away prize bags including copies of Since You Asked, The Wig in the Window, Going Vintage, Dead Is Just a Dream, and The Reece Malcolm List to members of the audience at this panel. Don’t forget to fill out a prize ticket when you take your seat!

Maurene Goo, Kristen Kittscher, Lindsey Leavitt, Marlene Perez, and Amy Spalding will be signing their books from 4:00-4:30 in Meeting Room B.