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Read it First! Film adaptations headed to theatres near you. November 2015 edition

Elizabeth Graney, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department,
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If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times - the book was better. There's nothing like debating the differences between a favorite book and its translation to the screen. But if you don't know your beloved series is coming out as a movie or that the fun looking preview you saw was adapted from a book, how can you join the debate? The Library to the rescue! Here we will be exploring the movie adaptations soon to hit your local theatres and give you the chance to read before you view.

Coming this November :

A woman in a dress leans against a brick wall

In Colm Toibin's Brooklyn, Eilis Lacey leaves Ireland to find opportunites for a better life in early 1950’s Brooklyn. But adjusting to a new culture and life on her own is harder than she anticipated. As she struggles through an unfulfilling job and night school, Eilis meets and falls in love with Tom, a plumber. Just as life in America seems to be turning around, however, a tragedy back home forces a confrontation between her two lives, rupturing both in the process.

See the official trailer here

Release Date - November 6, 2015

A cartoon boy with a yellow short looks directly at the camera. Movie poster.

Charles Schulz's beloved Peanuts hit the big screen! Snoopy takes on his arch nemesis the Red Baron while Charlie Brown tries to pluck up the courage to speak to the Little Red Haired Girl who has just moved into town.

Learn more about the characters, see the posters, watch the trailer and even make a Peanutized version of yourself here.

Release Date - November 6, 2015

A man in a black turtleneck and a gun holster faces the camera. Movie poster.

Bond is back. Though not based on a specific Fleming novel, this 24th installment of the Bond franchise features everyone’s favorite spy as he looks into a mysterious message from his past and M attempts to keep the secret service from being shut down.


Read a film synopsis, watch the trailer and check out the offical 007 website here


Release Date - November 6, 2015

A man with glasses and a moustache sits in front of a typewriter. Movie poster.

Bruce Cook's Dalton Trumbo is the true story of the 1940's screenwriter who was jailed and blacklisted during the McCarthy era. As one of the “Hollywood Ten," Trumbo was cited with contempt of court for refusing to testify on the supposed Communist activities of other entertainment industry professionals before the House of UnAmerican Activities. Despite it all, Trumbo never gave up his craft and went on to win two Academy Awards. Through interviews with Dalton Trumbo, Cook's book details his life during this tumultuous time.


Learn more about the story, meet and the cast and crew and watch the official trailer here


Release Date - November 6, 2015

Several men in hardhats stare up at the darkness. Movie poster.

Deep Down Dark is the true story of the 33 miners who were trapped in a collapsed Chilean mine for 69 days in 2010. In group interviews with award winning journalist Hector Tobar, the miners detail their sense of desperation, hunger and imprisonment.

Watch the trailer and read more about this harrowing tale here.

Release Date - November 13, 2015

Profile of two women, one blonde and one brunette. Movie poster

The Price of Salt (being released cinematically as Carol) is the story of two women who find friendship, comfort and love with each other. When Therese and Carol meet they are both stuck in lives that don't fit, with people they don't love. In each other, they discover how much more life can offer. But their newfound happiness is threatened when Carol's estranged husband uses their relationship to threaten her custody of her daughter. How can a person choose between love and family?

Follow the Facebook page and see the trailer here

Release Date - November 20, 2015

Two identical man in suits stand side by side. Movie poster.

John Pearson's A Profession of Violence is the true story of the ruthless Kray twins who controlled London’s criminal underground during the 1960’s. The cinematic version will be titled Legend and will feature actor Tom Hardy as both Reggie and Ronnie Kray.


Watch the trailer and hear some of the soundtrack here


 Release Date - November 20, 2015



Mockingjay part two is the final installment in Suzanne Collins' popular young adult series The Hunger Games. With the districts in full rebellion and several key prisoners missing, do the rebelling districts have a chance at winning this devastating war? Or will the Capital's superior fire power and ruthless tactics crush them and doom Panem to even harsher penalties?


See posters, watch a trailer and even buy movie tickets ahead of time here



Release Date - November 20, 2015

Two women in profile. Movie poster.

Roughly based on the life of Lili Elbe, a pioneer in sexual reassignment surgery, The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff follows Einar Wegener, a painter in 1920's Copenhagen.  After agreeing to stand in for a female model for his wife's painting, Einar struggles with the feelings this exciting and, for the era, illicit act brings out in him. As he explores his growing sense of self, Einar discovers strength and peace in his new female identity as Lili. Ebershoff's moving tale is one of self discovery and love.

Watch the trailer here

Release Date - November 27, 2015


Stay tuned to see what other great books are headed for the silver screen