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Read It First! Film Adaptations Headed to Theatres Near You. October 2017 Edition

Elizabeth Graney, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department,
read it first in big white cursive letters against a purple theater movie curtain illustration. Spotlight shining on the title as well.

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times—the book was better! There's nothing like debating the differences between a favorite book and its translation to the screen. But if you don't know your beloved series is coming out as a movie or that the fun looking preview you saw was adapted from a book, how can you join the debate? The Library to the rescue! Here we will be exploring the movie adaptations soon to hit your local theatres and give you the chance to read before you view.

Coming this October

The Mountain Between Us 

Release Date - October 6, 2017

When the last flight out of Salt Lake City is canceled due to technical issues, strangers Ashley Knox and Dr. Ben Payne band together to charter a small private plane. But their hopes of making it back east are dashed when their pilot suffers a heart attack and crashes in the mountains. Injured in the landing and completely lost, they know that they must find a way back to civilization in order to survive. 

book cover for the mountain between us. a water color illustration of two people holding each other while walking near a mountain, on the beach.

The Foreigner (The Chinaman) 

Release Date - October 13, 2017

Nguyen Ngoc Minh runs a small Chinese take-out restaurant in London. But this quiet life is a cover for a dark past.  A trained killer who lost two daughters to violence by Thai pirates, Minh is trying to leave his life of violence behind him. But after his wife and last living daughter are killed in an IRA bombing, he decides to get personal retribution on those responsible. 

the book cover for the chinaman.  black and white photo of a person's arms, holding a semi-automatic gun.


Release Date - October 20, 2017

After finishing his time in the Israeli army, Yossi Ghinsberg traveled to South America to fulfill his dream of exploring the Amazon jungle. After meeting a man intent on searching for remote tribes and their supposed gold in Bolivia, Ghinsberg and two other travelers eagerly joined up to seek their fortunes. In the beginning, it was an exciting adventure but things took a dark turn and after splitting into two groups, they found themselves lost and desperately trying to survive. Ghinsberg’s true story of his time alone in the Amazon will keep you at the edge of your seat. 

book cover for jungle. illustration of a black and green rainforest.

Same Kind Of Different As Me  

Release Date - October 20, 2017

Ron Hall and Denver Moore could hardly have come from more different circumstances. Denver was raised picking cotton on a farm, a harsh and difficult childhood. While he managed to escape the sharecropper life, he was unprepared for any other work and he fell into homelessness and destitution. Ron was a rich art dealer who dealt in international million dollar deals. Drawn together by Ron’s wife Debbie, Ron and Denver struck up close friendship that withstood the differences in their circumstances and the tragedy of personal loss. This is the touching true story of their unlikely friendship. 

book cover of same kind of different as me. photograph of a man standing in front of a railroad crossing.


Release Date - October 20, 2017

Investigating the cold cases of several women who went missing on the day of the first snowfall, Inspector Harry Hole believes he is on the trail of Norway’s first serial killer. In each case a snowman was found near the scene on the crime. As Hole digs deeper into these unsolved cases, he discovers increasing similarities and with the help of his new partner, Katrina Bratt, Hole is determined to stop this killer once and for all. This is the 7th installment in Jo Nesbo’s popular Harry Hole series. 

book cover for the snowman.  a cut out illustration of a snowman in paper cut form with the author's name, Jo Nesbo, and title included

Thank You For Your Service 

Release Date - October 27, 2017

In this follow up to his best-selling non-fiction account of the life of soldiers in Baghdad, Finkel follows a set of soldiers after they’ve returned home from the front lines. In documenting their struggle to heal and readjust to civilian life, he sheds light on the toll it takes on them and their loved ones. “Thank You For Your Service” is an honest look at the emotional, financial and cultural consequences of military service. .

 book cover for thank you for your service. photograph of rows of US military personnel facing the camera, in fatigues.