Word Processing Is for Memos and Term Papers, Not Your Novel

Catherine Royalty, Principal Librarian, Collections,
Pressbooks Public logo and text that reads create books

Are you an author? Have you written a book using a word processing program, and the finished product looks a little…underwhelming? Do you want to sell your book through an online distributor or print on demand service, but want to make sure it comes out looking great?

The Los Angeles Public Library can help! We’re happy to offer our local authors free access to Pressbooks Public, an easy-to-use online tool that allows you to create professional quality versions of your book in e-book or print file formats. Use the tool to create an attractive layout, including chapter headings, page numbers, forwards, and table of contents. Add optional ISBN and copyright information to make your book retail-ready.

When your book looks just how you want it, export in your desired file format free of charge. The file is yours to keep for commercial or private use. We do hope you’ll consider uploading your EPUB file to our Self-e platform so we can add your title to the library’s collection!

Please join us for our 2017 Indie Author Day on Saturday, October 14 for panel discussions, informative presentations, and and a great chance to network with your fellow local authors!