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Nishan Press Chinese Book Donation

International Languages Department, Central Library,
Chinese books on a library shelf

“To have friends coming from afar, is it not delightful?” This wise and humane saying can be found in a little red book, titled Quotations from Confucius, published by Shandong Friendship Publishing House. The book is bilingual – Chinese and English – and along with 350 books, it has been graciously donated to Los Angeles Public Library by Nishan Press. The name of the press originates from Mount Nishan (in Chinese: 尼山), the birthplace of Confucius. The publications range from little pocket books to multi-volume series, and cover wide range of subjects, from philosophy to folk tales. The mission of Nishan Press is ‘to spread culture and transmit friendship.” The donated Chinese books, some of which are bilingual – Chinese and English – are housed at International Languages Department.