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Celebrate Our Canine Companions

Christa Deitrick, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department,
black and white photo of dogs at a dog show
Ready for obedience trails at the Valley Hills Obedience Club, [1955]. Valley Times Collection

They say there are two kinds of people in the world—cat fanciers and dog lovers. I have had both over the years (as well as fish, a bird, a mouse, and various salamanders), and though there’s no wrong way to be, I personally feel that Man’s Best Friend makes the most rewarding companion. Dogs are far less insolent than cats, more mindlessly devoted, and they do their business outside, thank you very much. Dogs are both cuddly and heroic, serving as seeing-eye dogs, rescue dogs, and K-9 fighters of crime. Can you picture a cat in the Marines or helping you cross the street? Don’t get me wrong, cats are swell, but this is the Day of the Dog!

Sunday, August 26, is National Dog Day. Its purpose is to celebrate all breeds of dogs, both pure and mixed, and to bring to public attention the number of dogs that need to be adopted, either from shelters or rescues.

This my dog Herb:

The author's dachshund Herb

Herb was adopted from the Bill Foundation, an L.A.-based no-kill operation that rescues dogs abandoned in shelters or living on the streets. My dachshund is a stubborn little Kraut and a total pig, but we love him anyway because he is loyal, affectionate, cute, and totally hilarious. He is our little “baby wolf” and we are his “pack.” So in honor of National Dog Day and the Terrible Herbst, let’s take a look at some books that feature the noble dachshund!

The Noble Dachshund in Print

Adult Fiction

Rowley, Steven, 1971-

Jance, Judith A.

McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-

Adult Non-Fiction

Children's Books

Rey, Margret.

Happy National Dog Day. Hug a puppy today!