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My Hitchcockian Quest

Alma B., Librarian, Art, Music & Recreation Department,

"This is why Hitchcock's films will survive, because they give food for thought. They unsettle us and we don't know why. They do not assume we are morons, they let us work things out for ourselves. Eventually, we work out that Hitchcock is telling us that there are no pat solutions to life, that things don't necessarily work out right in the end." -Paul Duncan

What started as a light-hearted joke has become my own personal challenge: to watch as many Hitchcock films as I can find. It started with a joke a friend and I shared about owning a Rope poster that we had been unable to find (our own personal MacGuffin)... and it escalated into a race. With the aid of Paul Duncan's Pocket Guide, I created a Google Drive spreadsheet, began checking off the films I had seen, and began furiously consuming what I previously hadn't. (Anyone that has a Gmail account can use Google Drive to share and collaborate on documents. For more information about how to use Google Drive, feel free to use our guides).

My love of Hitchcock has followed me throughout my life. This summer, I was glad to be hired by LAPL, and relished the idea of having such easy access to so many Hitchcock DVDs and books. I started frequenting the Popular Library at Central and cancelled my Netflix account. It was convenient and I was able to pick up new discs every couple of days-- all for free. That’s not to say I didn’t use the library’s collection before working here; you really should think of the library partly as your own personal (and free) movie rental store.

This last July, I took a road trip to San Francisco and I took along a copy of Footsteps in the Fog: Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco to further my Hitchcockian adventure. My next rental is Under Capricorn (number 50 so far), which I will borrow from the Little Tokyo Branch.

As my movie watching quest dies down I’m now wondering whether or not I should include books on Hitchcock, as well. The library has a treasure trove of Hitchcock books, but the ones calling to me first are Hitchcock by François Truffaut and then Saul Bass movie poster books...

Whether it be for academic or personal reasons, LAPL is a great resource when delving to the works of many directors, and we are always glad to help you on your journey.

Photos courtesy of the LAPL Photo Collection.