Money Matter$: Know More, Make More

Richard Kraus, Librarian III, Business Department,

The Los Angeles Public Library kicked off a campaign called “Money Matter$: Know More, Make More” in April 2013 in recognition of financial literacy month.  But that is only the beginning of what the library has to offer.

The Los Angeles Public Library offers resources to help in saving, managing, investing your money all year round, in some cases even 24/7.  Plus the library saves you money by offering these services and resources FREE to you.

The bucks start here!

For starters the library offers many resources to help you with your money:

1) Programs, workshops, classes: click HERE for a current listing

2) Los Angeles Public Library’s Money Matter$ Financial Resource Guide offers over 200 links to suggested library and online resources providing information, education, and tools covering savings, credit, investments, budgeting, financial planning, and consumer protection.

3) FREE online courses, textbooks, exam prep: offers many topics, including personal finance, real estate, etc.

4) Financial magazines & newspapers: the Central Library and some branch libraries offer popular titles such as Money Magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg’s Businessweek, Consumer Reports, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Value Line Investment Survey, and Investor’s Business Daily

5) Books, audios, DVDs/Videos: many titles available throughout the library system.  For starters, try browsing on the shelves in some of these library call numbers: 332.01 (personal finance); 332.6 to 332.64 (investments); 332.7 (credit); 332.72 (mortgages); 333.6 (real estate); 347.61 (estate planning); 362.6 (retirement planning); 378.3 (education financial aid); 640 (consumer education). 

6) E-Media: a number of titles are available electronically through the library’s e-media services as books, audios, and videos to be viewed or played on your computer or other devices.  Browse from the various e-media providers offered by the Los Angeles Public Library at

7) Librarians to help you find what you need in-person (find a library near you: or by phone, fax, texting, instant messaging, or email (

But wait, there’s more!

Please consider taking advantage of four online databases offered by the Los Angeles Public Library that may help you with investing your money.  You will find these in the “Research and Homework” section of the library website:

Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage is accessible outside the library if you have a currently valid library card or e-card from the Los Angeles Public Library.  Standard & Poor’s is one of the leading sources for coverage, evaluation, and ratings of companies, funds, and markets.  This database helps investors by providing in-depth reports and data about companies on the stock market, extensive industry surveys providing overviews of trends and prospects, mutual fund rating and performance reports, historical prices of stocks and mutual funds, and even offers a directory of brokerage and investment banking firms.  NetAdvantage offers tools for screening and selecting stocks, corporate bonds, and mutual funds.    Finally, it also offers Standard & Poor’s exclusive ratings, market commentaries, and the Outlook, an investment advisory newsletter.

Business Insights: Essentials is accessible outside the library if you have a currently valid library card or e-card from the Los Angeles Public Library.  This database is from Gale, a major supplier of reference resources for libraries.  It brings together in a single database company and industry profiles, company brand information, financial data for companies on the stock market, rankings & market share reports, investment reports, company histories, chronologies, and periodical articles.  It also offers the capability to create lists, charts, and graphs to summarize and compare company and industry data.

Mint Global is accessible only inside a library branch or in Central Library.  Provides extensive and detailed data and profiles for more than 100 million companies (large and small, public and private) in over 200 countries and provides about 3,000 research reports in a variety of industries for regions and countries around the world.  Within their company and industry information content includes material from news sources (Financial Times, Dow Jones, and others) and official corporate filings.  This database provides more global and international coverage than the databases described above.

Morningstar Investment Research Center is accessible only in Central Library and is very limited in how many people may use it at a time.  Important note: Morningstar has discontinued publishing its Morningstar Mutual Funds reports as a print publication: it is now only offered online.  Morningstar is very well known for its coverage, reporting, and rating of mutual funds, but this database goes much further than that.  It provides independent analysis and real-time data on over 14,500 stocks, 24,800 mutual funds, 1,500 exchange-traded funds and 700 closed end funds, plus analyst reports on over 3,500 securities. This database also provides screening tools, coverage of markets, tools to evaluate your portfolio, current articles and videos and financial educational resources.

Please take advantage of these resources and services available to you for free from the Los Angeles Public Library: may your experiences with them be a truly enriching one.