Manga Lovers Unite! マンガラバーズ、団結せよ!

Yoko Hata, Young Adult Librarian, Little Tokyo Branch Library,
manga titles with their book covers

Are you a manga-lover? That’s good news because there are lots of new manga series being released in 2018. What a time to be alive! I’d like to introduce you, the manga-lover, to some new releases for this year:

The most popular, and the one I recommend to you all, is a manga called Silver Spoon, offered both in English and Japanese. The author’s name is Hiromu Arakawa. Did that name sound familiar? It should because she was the one responsible for the creation of the anime staple, Full-Metal Alchemist. The story is about a high school student who studies at an agricultural high school in Hokkaido. Watch as the protagonist grows more mature, as each chapter ends with him learning an important lesson in life. Next is Mitsurou Kubo’s Again!! and MotekiAgain!! is a story about the Ouendan (Japanese cheer team) in high school. Moteki is a story about a man who, after spending his whole life being unpopular, suddenly gains the interest of women after his 29th birthday. Readers of Kubo’s manga will be able to relate to many of his characters in these series. Another popular manga this season is Keiichi Arawi’s City. Arawi is most known for his popular manga/anime, Nichijou. City follows the unique lives of Arawi’s fun and imaginative characters. Some might even say that this manga is Nichijou’s successor. One more fun read is Fujita’s Wotakoi about the “otaku-culture” that will either have you begging for more about otaku-culture, or avoiding it completely. Finally, if you are interested in Inio Asano’s perspective of the world, you will enjoy Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction, a manga about your average, run of the mill, alien invasion apocalypse story!

Here are some more recommendations for your manga “must-read” list. They still aren’t translated into English yet, so you will have to wait just a bit! (These titles are available in Japanese at the Little Toyko Branch Library).

My top recommendation right now is Umi Sakurai’s Ojisama to neko. The story is about a quiet gentleman and an ugly cat who he has adopted. Another recommendation is Hideo Shinanogawa’s Yama to Shokuyoku to Watashi, about a girl who loves climbing mountains and cultivating new cooking recipes after each climb. Readers will be able to learn about a new “climber’s” dish after each chapter. A cool manga I discovered is Bishoku Tantei from Akiko Higashimura. She is also the author of Tokyo Tarareba and Princess Jellyfish, both popular manga in Japan and America. Higashimura wanted to test her skills in writing a successful mystery manga after having written so many romance manga. One more to introduce to you is Beastars, a manga about high school students, but instead of being humans, the students are actually all animals! After a long afternoon of reading manga, you might want to end your day on a very happy note. My recommendation to you is “Yotsuba&!,” a manga that follows the daily life of a quirky child living in the suburbs of Japan. The latest volume of “Yotsuba&!” was released on the second year and the fifth month since its debut. For many manga fans, this is a very special celebration in the manga universe.

Happy Reading!




さて、ここからご紹介するマンガは、あなたの”絶対に読まなくちゃ!”マンガリストに絶対に加えていただきたいのですが、残念ながらまだ英語には訳されていません。ということは、もう少し待っていただかないといけませんね。(これからご紹介する本は、リトル東京図書館のYAコーナーで借りることができます)私の今期一番のお勧めは、桜井海の”おじ様と猫”です。物静かで素敵なおじ様と、おじ様にもらわれた不細工な猫のお話です。そして、もうひとつのお勧めは”山と食欲と私”。休日の山登りを愛するOLが、山登りの度に、山で食する美味しいレシピを披露します。読者は読む度に、新しい”登山者”レシピを習うことができます。そしてもひとつ、東村アキコの”美食探偵”は外せません。東村アキコは、アメリカや日本で”東京タラレバ娘”や”海月姫”の作者として人気があります。”美食探偵”は、今までラブコメで成功してきた東村が、初めてミステリーに挑戦した作品です。次に紹介したいのは 少年チャンピオン・コミックス ”Beastars” です。高校生達の物語ですが、実はこの高校生達、人間ではなく全て動物なんです!けれど、動物による人間ドラマがしっかりと成立し、読む人の心に響きます。マンガを心ゆくまで読んだ午後の締めくくりに、心をふんわりと幸せにしてくれる1冊はいかがでしょうか。”よつばと!”は、日本の郊外に住むちょっと変わった女の子の日常の物語です。”よつばと!”は、今年、何と2年5ヶ月ぶり(!)の4月28日に第14巻が発売されました。たくさんのマンガファンにとって、この日は待ちに待った特別な日となりました。それでは皆さん、