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A Guide to Writing Groups in Los Angeles

Elizabeth Graney, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department,
Writing groups in Los Angeles

Writing Groups in Los Angeles

Here in the Literature and Fiction department, we meet a lot of aspiring writers looking for a chance to practice their craft and get a second opinion on their latest work. As the Library does not provide editing or critiquing services, we look for ways to guide these patrons to those individuals more suited to helping them. In a city of actors, it turns out we have our share of writers too! There are a multitude of writers groups that meet on a weekly or monthly basis to improve each others skills and provide a fresh perspective. The following are lists of both free and fee-based writing groups throughout the Los Angeles area.

Find a free, local and in person writing group 

●  MeetUp.com offers several free writing meetup groups throughout the Los Angeles area

○  Go to www.meetup.com and try the following search terms; novel writing, creative writing, writing workshop, writing, writers, fiction writing, script writing. You will need to complete a free registration process to search.

●  Independent Writers of Southern California (www.iwosc.org/)

○ The IWOSC offers weekly meetups and seminars throughout the greater Los Angeles Area.  Check out their calendar (www.iwosc.org/calendar/index.html) to find a meeting near you.


Free writing groups held at local libraries 

●  Book Writer's Group (http://www.lapl.org/whats-on/events/book-writers-group) at the Robertson Branch Library, Los Angeles Public Library (http://www.lapl.org/branches/robertson)

○  A monthly group for book writers. Every member is given time to present their writing and receive constructive feedback. Check out their page for more information

●  Northeast Los Angeles Writers ( http://www.meetup.com/NELAwriters/ ) at the San Rafael Branch, Pasadena Public Library (www.cityofpasadena.net/library/about_the_library/san_rafael_branch/)

○ A weekly group offering writing critique and group lectures. Check out their meetup.com page for more information. 

● Write Away Tuesdays (https://www.santamonica.gov/events/2018/02/13/write-away-at-fairview) at the Fairview Branch, Santa Monica Public Library

○  A support group for writers that meets on a weekly basis. Contact Sandy at 310-450-6258 for more information. 


Screenwriters Groups

● The Scriptwriters Network (http://scriptwritersnetwork.com) offers multiple seminars per month on various aspects of screenwriting, a class on how to effectively read and analyze a script and tips on how to best choose a writers group. 

○   Check out their event listings here (http://scriptwritersnetwork.com/category/events/)


Free Online Writing Groups

●  Scribophile (http://www.scribophile.com/)

○  A free web community, Scribophile allows members to read and offer feedback on each others work.

●  Critique Circle (http://www.critiquecircle.com/)

○  Another free web community, Critique Circle provides a similar service to Scribophile with the addition of forums and advice on how to sell your completed manuscript.


Membership/Workshop Writing Groups (fee based)

●  L.A. Writers Group  (http://www.lawritersgroup.com/)

○ The L.A. Writers group provides writing workshops, lectures, coaches and networking opportunities for its paying members. Information regarding membership fees can be found on their website.

● Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (http://www.glaws.org/html/mainmenu.html)

○ The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society offers lectures, critiquing services and networking workshops for members. Information on membership requirements and fees can be found on their website. 


The groups listed above are run by individuals unaffiliated with the Los Angeles Public Library and while we can provide their contact information, we can not vouch for or provide a guarantee for their services.