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The City of Los Angeles' 311

Social Science, Philosophy and Religion Department, Central Library,

In the Social Science, Philosophy & Religion Department we often field questions from residents of the City of Los Angeles pertaining to city services and the government.  In support of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s commitment to increasing access to city services,  the Los Angeles Public Library’s homepage features a prominent link to the City of Los Angeles’ 311- a connection to more than 1,500 Los Angeles City services, including:

  • City Services
    • Sanitation/Special Item Pick-up
    • Graffiti Removal
    • Street Light Service
    • Pothole Repair
    • Building & Safety inspections
  • City Phone Numbers, Office Hours, Locations & Events
  • Public Meeting Schedules
  • Senior Services
  • Voting Information
  • Educational & Recreational Resources
  • Volunteerism

At the very top of most of our web pages on the left you’ll see the City’s official seal with the words Los Angeles next to it.  Directly to the right you’ll come across 311.  Click 311 and this will bring you to the 311 Directory Online Services.  (Los Angeles residents can also dial 3-1-1 toll-free on their phone for information and access).  This blog will focus on the 311 Directory Online Services, specifically relating to Most Requested Services link- located at the top of the right banner on the main page.

Click on the Most Requested Services link and the following subheadings will appear:

  • Bulky Item Pick-up
  • Online Request for Permit Inspection
  • Graffiti Removal- Community Beautification
  • Report a Property Violation
  • 877 ASK-LAPD- Non-emergency Police Service
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Police Stations
  • Official Police Garage Tow
  • Building Inspection
  • Maintenance of Public Street Landscape

Click any one of these subheadings in the directory and it will provide you with: a description of the agency and/or department, webpage links, addresses, driving directions, email link, phone numbers, hours of operation, parking information, etc. 

Please explore this massive online directory.  There is a wealth of information pertaining to the City of Los Angeles at 311 Directory Online Services page. It’s free, easy, and it provides immediate access to city services.