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Check These Out! Titles to Look for at the Library

Daryl M., Librarian, West Valley Regional Branch Library,
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At Check These Out!, each month you will find a few recently published or upcoming titles that are worth “checking out” from the library. All titles are either currently available or have a record in the catalog where you can place a hold and be among the first to read them when they hit the library's shelves. For many of these titles, you will also find interviews with the author on the LAPL Blog and/or a longer, more in-depth review on LAPL Reads.

Upright Women Wanted
Gailey, Sarah

Sarah Gailey, author of River of Teeth, Taste of Marrow (maneating hippo mayhem!) and last year’s excellent Magic For Liars, spins a tale of the American Southwest repopulated with many traditional tropes of a classic Western, with just a bit of a twist. This tale is in the future, not the past, and there are as many women riding the horses, brawling and participating in the shootouts as there are men. And some of these women you don’t dare call “ma’am.”

Upright Women Wanted, is a spirited adventure combined with a coming of age story in which a young woman attempts to run away from a life she doesn’t want, only to find one she never dreamed possible. A quick but wonderful read!

Polk, C. L.

2018’s Witchmark, from debut author C.L. Polk, was a fantasy tale of intrigue and politics, passion and treachery. It had wonderful world-building and a system of magic that is wonderfully complex and recognizable. It is a brilliant read, full of atmosphere and thrills, likeable characters, more than a bit of romance and it was a remarkable debut!

Now Polk is back with Stormsong, a sequel to Witchmark that is every bit as engaging and compelling as her debut.

Lady Clementine
Benedict, Marie

Historical fiction author Benedict, whose previous novels include The Other Einstein and last year’s excellent The Only Woman in the Room, returns to tell the story of Clementine Churchill, Winston Churchill’s wife. Benedict’s novels are always top-notch and a must-read for those interested in the compelling stories of women often overlooked by history.

Oona Out of Order
Montimore, Margarita

If you like this type of advance, or near advance, notice about upcoming titles, you can send a comment through the Contact Us page at LAPL.org and let us know. Also, if you read one of the recommended titles, send a comment and let others know what you thought of the book. In both cases, be sure to put Check These Out! in your message.