Celebrate Culture Anytime, Anywhere: Native American Heritage Electronic Resources

Eileen Ybarra, Librarian III, Electronic Resources,
a pow wow in liberty park
A pow wow at Liberty park in Salt Lake City, Utah for pioneer day, a yearly celebration

Looking for a new way to increase your knowledge of Native Americans' rich cultural traditions? You can access several electronic resources 24/7 for free with your library card. Enjoy a variety of award-winning literature by Native American authors available on eBook and audiobook on Overdrive and Libby. Explore the premium online resource, American Indian Experience which offers historical and contemporary insights on Native American cultures. Additionally, you can learn over a dozen Native American languages with our free online language learning resource, Transparent Language Online. Below is a list of available indigenous language courses on Transparent Languages Online, and some suggested Native American authored eBooks and audiobooks.

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a young navajo girl sitting on the grass being instructed in arts and craftrs from a Navajo woman

Native languages of the Americas on Transparent Language Online

Dakotah, Sisseton
Ojibwe, Central
Ojibwe, Northwestern
Quechua, Ecuadorian
Tohono O’odham

Notable Native American Literature

Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two
Bruchac, Joseph

Erdrich, Louise

#NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women

The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn
Philbrick, Nathaniel

The Pueblo Revolt
Roberts, David

One Native Life
Wagamese, Richard