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Ask the Author (Almost) Anything: Elizabeth Ross, author of Belle Epoque

Teenscape Department, Central Library,
Part of the Los Angeles Teen Book Fest Sign

Elizabeth Ross will be at Teen Book Fest on Saturday, Oct. 12 on the Historical Fiction panel at 11am in Meeting Room A. She will be signing copies of Belle Epoque at 12:30pm in Meeting Room B.

The picture of author Elizabeth RossElizabeth Ross's debut novel, Belle Epoque, is set in the cutthroat world of Paris debutantes in the 1880s. Everyone is looking for an edge when it comes to ensuring a successful debut season. That’s where the Durandeau Agency comes in with their staff of unattractive women who serve as beauty “foils.” Hire a beauty foil, and become more attractive instantly. When Maude Pichon is matched with the daughter of a countess, she gains access to Paris’s most elite circles, but the more she learns about her client, the more she’s troubled by the deception.

We asked Elizabeth about her favorite Shakespearean character and the books that have inspired her lately. Here's what she had to say:

1. What is your favorite LA landmark? Or if that is impossible, you can pick two!

Griffith Park. I walk my dog there most days and I enjoy thinking about life and writing as I hike the trails. I also love being high above the city, seeing it laid out before me, and not through the windshield of my car!

Book cover of BELLE EPOQUE2. If you could be any Shakespearean character, who would you pick?

Perdita from The Winter's Tale. It's a romantic fairy tale role - to be a shepherdess of secret noble linage and then be reunited with your family and live happily ever after.

3. If you could spend the day with one writer from history, who would it be and why?

I'd like to hang out with Willa Cather. Song of the Lark was such an inspirational book for me.

4. What are one or two of the best teen books you've read lately?

Two teen books I've read lately that really inspired me are Patricia McCormick's Never Fall Down and Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Verity. I admire both authors for taking a brutal subject matter and turning it into a beautiful human story. These are valuable books that need to be widely read.


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