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2013 Summer Reading Ends

Mary McCoy, Senior Librarian, Art, Music, & Recreation Department,
Image of the end of Summer Reading program

On Saturday, August 3, this year’s Summer Reading Program ended.. and I must say that Reading was quite Delicious this year! Teen’Scape had two enjoyable No Bake Dessert sessions which included cheesecake and lava cake demonstrations. We also learned how to make our very own healthy smoothies with fresh fruit, ice, milk and a blender.

Our week-long Teen Iron Chef event in July, introduced us to some delightfully hidden culinary talents  - did I mention they were quite competitive too? At first, the teens weren’t sure what to do on the first day with their dried ramen noodles. However, by the end of the week, their imaginations were quite vividly displayed when creating nacho dishes. Tuesday’s popcorn-cooking event turned out aromatic and sticky offerings, while Wednesday’s Salads were nutritious, colorful and tasty. The Brownie Bake-off on Friday allowed the staff to wow the teen judges with an eclectic variety including gluten-free, blondies, vegan brownies, and much more.

Our Food Preparation and Safety program with special guest, Troy Irvin was the last of our summer reading programs that matched the summer reading club theme, Reading Is So Delicious. Troy reviewed food handling do’s and don’ts, introducing tools and rules to follow in the kitchen. Once again, we discovered more secret chefs in our midst, some teens who already have amazing knife skills and one who knows a couple of tricks to prevent crying while cutting onions.

The Teen’Scape middle school student that read the most hours this summer with a total of 43 hours was Samia T - congratulations and keep on reading! Teen’Scape’s high school student that read the most hours this summer was also one of our teen volunteers. In addition to volunteering, she managed to squeeze in 653 hours of reading - congratulations to Isabel C. Our last special winner received the Teen’Scape Volunteer Award for working the most hours this summer with a grand total of 76 hours - congratulations and many thanks for all the help you provided this summer to Andrea C.

Thank you all for such a Delicious Summer! Don’t forget to join us for our programs that take place during the school year, including our Student Smart events.