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The Library can put you in the driver's seat!
If you want a driver license, get started
at the Los Angeles Public Library.

Whether you’re a teen ready to get your first license, a senior who needs to renew, a new resident of the state or someone newly eligible for a license under AB 60, you’ll find everything you need at the Central Library or any of the 72 branch libraries.

We have copies of the DMV handbook, practice exams and other resources that can help you get your driver license.

All materials are free and available in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Farsi, Russian and Armenian.

You can also conveniently access this information through these links to the DMV site and its electronic resources:

DMV Portal -
AB60 Licenses -
DMV Publications -

Practice Test Resources

DMV Sample Tests -

Online Driving Tests -

Community Resources

California's Low Cost Auto Insurance ( A state-sponsored program that offers affordable auto insurance for qualified individuals. Learn more: English, Spanish, Chinese ( - The Drive California (CA) coalition is a statewide coalition of immigrants’ rights advocates, community-based organizations, service providers, faith-based organizations and workers’ rights advocates.