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Alexa, Meet hoopla!

hoopla Now Supports Amazon Alexa Devices!

You can now play borrowed audiobooks and music albums directly on your Amazon Echo, Dot, Spot, and Show devices.

To get hoopla onto your Alexa device, you must add the hoopla skill (this is the Alexa equivalent of installing an app from the app store). The skill can be added to Alexa by searching for hoopla Digital on the Amazon website.

When interacting with hoopla, Alexa requires you to phrase the command like this: Alexa, ask hoopla… For example, Alexa, ask hoopla how many borrows I have remaining.

Requests must start with Alexa, ask hoopla… If not, Alexa will not know to get the information from hoopla, and will instead return results from Amazon.

Allowed Commands

Alexa, ask hoopla…

  • …how many items I can borrow.
  • …how many items I currently have borrowed.
  • …for my library’s phone number.
  • …to list all titles I have borrowed.
  • …to list my music
  • …to list the music I currently have borrowed.
  • …to play my music.
  • …to list my audiobooks.
  • …to list the audiobooks I currently have borrowed.
  • …what is hoopla?

When listening to music, you can use Alexa next or Alexa previous to go to the next/previous tracks.

Library Card

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