Perform at LAPL Form

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Perform at LAPL Submission Form


Contact Information


Example: 123 Main St.

Program Information


Please indicate which regions of Los Angeles you are willing to travel to for performances. We have 73 library locations within six different regions. You may view a map of our locations here. Also, please indicate whether you have virtual program options. You may select all that apply.

Program Questions


Please provide a detailed description of the program, including lesson plan/agenda, program format, any hands-on activities, audience participation, etc.


What will the audience gain or learn from attending this program?


Briefly describe your education, background and experience as it relates to your program.


Do you present your program in any other languages in addition to English?


Is there anything you would like to add that would help guide the library in deciding on your application? (For example: links to videos or photos of performances, lesson plans including learning outcomes, etc.)




Please provide two references that have used your performance services or are familiar with you professionally. Include the name, phone #, and email, and in what capacity do you know this reference.


Demographic Questions

We are collecting this information because the library believes effective programs should attract a diverse audience, present a unique subject matter, and reflect the performers’ own cultural background and experiences. All questions in this section are optional and will not influence a submission's review if not answered. All information is confidential.


Acknowledgment Agreement

By checking this box, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the following if this application is accepted:

  • I have qualifications (education, degree, experience, etc.) that allow me to present this program;
  • I will undergo a fingerprint-based background check at the library’s expense;
  • I will provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination via appointment;
  • I will not solicit directly to individual libraries, librarians, or participants;
  • I will not sell merchandise or services at any of the programs;
  • I will provide my own equipment or supplies for my program;
  • I understand even if my program is approved, there is no guarantee of booking;
  • I may be required to audition;
  • The current rate for a completed program is $350.