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LAPL Performs


Taper Auditorium

Public programs offer a dynamic exchange of information as well as lifelong learning opportunities through lectures, presentations, performance, hands-on experience, and more.

Presenter proposals are reviewed on a bimonthly basis by committee. Those proposals found to be most closely aligned with our strategic priorities and initiatives are entered into our programming resources directory to be considered for presenting at one or more of our library locations

Library programs are typically booked four months in advance to allow for adequate publicizing of the event.

Before applying to be included on our programming resources directory, make sure you understand the following stipulations:

  • I will audition at a branch for FREE in order for the librarian to evaluate my program.
  • I have qualifications (education degree, experience, etc.) that allow me to teach in the area that I am proposing.
  • I will not solicit directly to individual librarians, libraries or participants.
  • I will not sell merchandise or services at any of the programs.
  • If approved, I am willing to travel to multiple branches and Central Library.
  • I will provide my own equipment or supplies for the program that I am teaching/performing.
  • I understand even if my program is approved, there is no guarantee of booking.
  • The current rate for a completed program is $300.

To apply, download the appropriate Presenter Proposal Form - Adult | Teen | Children - to your computer. Open it with Adobe Acrobat and fill out the form. Save the completed form and email it to