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Sword-Fighting Program


Saturday, June 07, 2014






The “Game On Stunt Team” from Tigertainment Studios offers exciting demonstrations presenting face-to-face battles using some basic history of the development of swords.  We demonstrate several different fights from different periods using different weapons. We narrate history segments of how swords developed over the centuries by showing several different types of swords.  During these points we interact with the audience by asking questions and tapping into their knowledge of weapons and history, thereby letting everyone get involved. The latter part of the presentation involves demonstrating how we stage a fight, using the safety protocol that we engage to make sure that nobody gets hurt.  We actually take one of the fights we have already demonstrated and dissect it slowly for the audience.  Our last part of the show is letting the youngsters, and parents, come forward in a safe and orderly fashion to hold some of the swords that we have presented during the show.