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Princess Kaʻiulani


Saturday, March 01, 2014


2:00am to 3:30am



The incredible true story of Hawaiian princess Ka'iulani (Q'orianka Kilcher) comes to the screen in the historical drama from first time writer/director Marc Forby.  The year is 1888; a rebel alliance with connections to the American governemnt has succeeded in destabilizing Hawaii.  When the fight comes to the royal palace, 13-year-old heir to the throne Princess Ka'iulani is spirited away to Victorian England --where her royolty holds no bearing on her social standing.  As Princess Ka'iulani struggles to adapt to her new surroundings, she find herself falling in love with handsome, rebellious young Englishman Clive Davies (Shaun Evans).  Four years later, the princess receives word that the queen has been incarcerated, and the monarch has fallen.  In time Princess Ka'iulani realizes that in order to save her people she must give up her romance with Clive, and travel to America in order to speak with President Grover Cleveland.  Convinced that she can restore her kingdom by proving to the Americans that her people are not the savage barbarians that the press portrays them to be, the princess makes her way to the United States and wages a valiant fight against the injustices being inflicted upon native Hawaiians. -  Jason Buchanan, Rovi