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Photographer's Eye - Racetrack Culture



Wednesday, April 02, 2014


12:15pm to 1:00pm


Meeting Room A




Reservations not required. Doors will open at noon. 


Bring your lunch and join photographer Anne Fishbein as she shares her portfolio of scenes from Los Angeles area horseracing tracks, including Santa Anita and the former Hollywood Park. 

Of this project Fishbein says,  “ I’ve always been interested in the culture surrounding horseracing. On attending a race, it becomes evident that people are drawn to this kind of event for a wide number of reasons: love of the sport, connection to the tradition, and gambling, to name a few. Most notably what I observe is a place seemingly lost in time. The tracks are old and either in a state of neglect or attempted renewal. Some try to modernize; others try to emphasize their nostalgic link to the past. Most intriguing to me are the patrons, represented by widely mixed demographics of age, circumstances, and background. As a photographer, the unifying factor of these racetrack goers is their ability to transcend, through the lens, in to a kind of timelessness that revisits a world when horse racing played a much bigger role in our collective imagination. This phenomenon has a direct link to the beginning of my interest in photography in that my strongest connection has always been to the photographs that predate me and my experience.”

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