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Philosophy/ Buddhism


Tuesday, May 07, 2013


1:30pm to 3:00pm




Join the West Los Angeles Buddhist Club for their discussion this month, "Watch Out For The Poisonous Snake" and how, "Treasure Brings Torment." Looking at our image reflected in the mirror of Dharma through a thought-provoking story from the time of the historical Buddha.

One day, Sakymuni Buddha and his disciple saw some treasure by the street. The Buddha said that it is a poisonous snake. They didn't even touch it. A farmer who overheard it took it home and became rich. The king of the country found out about this incident and confiscated the treasure. Both of them reflected on their own behaviors and came to realize that the treasure was really a poisonous snake. With much repent they gave the money to Sakyamuni and he used the treasure to convey Buddhism to people. Questions are encouraged and welcome.