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Is Los Angeles Paradise? A Film Series and Discussion

Image of City of Los Angeles


Wednesday, April 16, 2014


6:00pm to 7:45pm




Contact the branch for details on the film screening at 310-437-6680.


Join us for a film portrait and candid discussion of America's second largest city following the close of its "Anglo century" (1900-2000). We are screening a stylish and exciting film on Los Angeles, a which uses a groundbreaking high-definition format to explore challenging questions and provocative points of view. How will the city's new Latino and Asian majorities work with other ethnic groups to create a cultural consensus? What is the future of L.A.'s unprecedented multiculturalism-will the city's many neighborhoods balkanize, or coalesce? And despite earthquakes and a seemingly insatiable desire to destroy and rebuild, can the city retain a sense of history?"  This is the first in a series of films and discussions on Los Angeles.