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Molla Nasreddin: Embrace Your Antithesis - Slavs & Tatars


Thursday, February 07, 2013




Mark Taper Auditorium



Works Sited is pleased to host, “Molla Nasreddin: Embrace Your Antithesis,” a lecture-performance from the artists’ collective Slavs and Tatars on the legendary Azerbaijani periodical.  Arguably the most important Muslim satirical political magazine of the 20th century, “Molla Nasreddin” was read by an audience that stretched from Morocco to India, and addressed issues such as gender equality, education, colonialism, and Islam’s integration of modernity – all of which remain as relevant and pressing to today’s global audience as when the magazine was first published a century ago. Slavs and Tatars will present a case study of the complex Caucasus region and discuss the book's historical context, the figure of the anti-modern and the issue of self-censorship both then and now. 

This event takes place in conjunction with a new Works Sited display, Dear 1979, Meet 1989 - a selection of books, magazines, and printed ephemera on the Iranian Revolution and Poland's Solidarity movement.  The display is on view from February 7th to March 23rd.

Both display and performance compliment the collective's second cycle of, Friendship of Nations: Polish Shi'ite Showbiz, on view at REDCAT from February 9th to March 24th.


Taking place at various locations within the Los Angeles Central Library, Works Sited is an ongoing series of programs and displays featuring work with themes relating to the library's collections and practices. The project aims to explore the public institution as exhibition space and challenge conventional notions of display within this context.