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Lisa Napoli, author of Radio Shangri-La: What I Learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth

Author Program


Wednesday, September 03, 2014





Author and KCRW journalist Lisa Napoli will read selections and discuss her book, Radio Shangri-La: What I learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth

Napoli visited Bhutan in 2007 to help start a radio station in the formerly radio-free country. Modern inventions such as roads, electricity, and hard currency came very late to Bhutan. Television was first allowed in 1999, and foreigners were only allowed to visit shortly before that. The nation has had a long-standing commitment to "Gross National Happiness," of which key components are balance, wellness, environmental preservation, and trust in government leaders. 

Napoli's experience illustrated how Western media is influencing a formerly isolated country, as well as finding more about herself in the process. Napoli received what she described as a "crash course in happiness" during her visit to Bhutan. Her presentation will include stories from this little-known country as she discusses the concept of "Gross National Happiness."