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The Last Pictures


Thursday, April 25, 2013


7:15pm to 9:00pm


Mark Taper Auditorium



FREE/ Reservations Recommended. For more information and FREE reservations, please visit or call 213.228.7025.



Paglen, a multi-disciplinary artist and scholar, spent five years interviewing scientists, artists, anthropologists, and philosophers in order to curate a visual record of our contemporary historical moment. With scientists at MIT, he developed an ultra-archival disc, micro-etched with 100 photographs, that was launched into space last fall via satellite. The project, The Last Pictures, will remain in outer space slowly circling the Earth as a message to the future. Join us for a look into this modern time capsule.

Main image: Photo of the ultra-archival disc, nano-etched with one hundred images of humanity- sent into space to perpetualy orbit Earth as part of Trevor Paglen's The Last Pictures project.