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L.A. in Focus: Harlow in Hollywood



Saturday, August 10, 2013




Mark Taper Auditorium




Reservations not required. Doors open 15 minutes prior to start of the program.


Harlow. The name resonates. Blonde Bombshell. Platinum Blonde. The labels applied by press agents during Harlow's seven-year career still carry a charge seventy years later. Harlow created the mold: the first blonde sex symbol who captured the attention of a nation, then touched their hearts with her genuine warmth and candor. She was just a girl from Kansas City who came to Hollywood in the 1920's with her mother; a woman obsessed with stardom. In a town dedicated to the glorification of youth and beauty, Harlow became a star to fulfill her mother's own thwarted fantasy. Just as Harlow retained a childlike openness, Los Angeles in the 1930's remained a brash daughter of expansion and promotion. At a time when Harlow's star shone its brightest, Los Angeles and the movies gave birth to a district that exists as much in the mind as on the map. Harlow epitomized the dream of Hollywood.

Harlow historian Darrell Rooney and co-author of "Harlow In Hollywood" discusses and presents images on the behind the scenes life of Jean Harlow and the city that helped mold her. A book signing will follow the presentation.

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