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Hava's Puppet Tree



Monday, September 29, 2014


4:00pm to 5:00pm




Hava's Puppet Tree
a  show for all ages
created & performed by April Hava Shenkman & Jared Whitham

What: "Hava's Puppet Tree," a theatrical performance art children's entertainment show: show includes giant tree puppet, that grows 15 ft. tall before the children's eyes, and a clown named "Hava." The show is both entertaining, funny & educational, and brings about tree consciousness.

Synopsis: "Hava's Puppet Tree" created & performed by April Hava Shenkman & Jared Whitham. A story about the compassionate relationship between a clown and a tree. HAVA, a clown who speaks a language of her own, discovers a magical puppet tree that understands her. She nurtures the tree, and in return, is given an array of gifts, that only a tree can give. 
Inspired by "The Giving Tree."

Performing Artists: April Hava Shenkman from Los Angeles, & Puppeteer: Jared Whitham from New York

Length: 45 min.

Age Appropriate: Our show is all age / Family appropriate, pre-school age 3-5 is our intended audience, but the show enjoyed by all ages, and is also very appropriate for grades K-5.