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Darling: A Spiritual Autobiography


Tuesday, January 14, 2014


7:15pm to 9:00pm


Mark Taper Auditorium




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Darling: A Spiritual Autobiography
Richard Rodriguez

In conversation with Rubén Martínez, Fletcher Jones Chair in Literature & Writing, Loyola Marymount University                                                                                                                       

In a series of meditative essays, the award-winning writer Richard Rodriguez turns his perceptive gaze to the desert-- in both the physical and spiritual sense-- in a quest to understand his relationship to the “desert God” and to terrorists who kill in the name of that same God.  He delves into what it means to be a gay, devout, Roman Catholic in his 60s — attempting to make sense of a world and a religion that have both rejected him at times. His peregrinations take him beyond the Middle East—to San Francisco, Paris, Las Vegas.  His themes include the prevalence of public atheism in the wake of 9/11 and the usefulness of doubt in religious life.