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Boyle Heights Theater Tour/Gira de Teatro @ the Robert Louis Stevenson Branch Library



Wednesday, February 12, 2014





Center Theatre Group’s

Boyle Heights Theatre Tour 

Gira de Teatro en Boyle Heights

¡Adiós Querido Cuco! by/por Berta Hiriart

Presented by Off the Tracks Theatre Company.

Presented in Spanish/Presentado en Español

2/12/14 @ 5pm at the Robert Louis Stevenson Branch Library

After their loving dog Cuco dies, Pola and her grandmother Titina must undergo a difficult process: grieving. Just like an explorer has to face difficult obstacles, the characters in this play must travel through different states of emotion before finally reaching acceptance. There is no other way: "Everything that begins must end, but everything that ends will bring something new.” Presented by Off The Tracks Theatre Company. Drama. All ages.

Después que Cuco su perro cariñoso muere, Pola y su abuela Titina tienen que pasar por un proceso difícil: el luto.
Lectura presentada por La Compañía Teatral Off the Tracks. Drama. Apropiada para todas las edades.

Center Theatre Group is bringing four stories to you with the help of local arts organizations and libraries. This theatre tour is a part of CTG’s The Shop initiative that provides all residents throughout Boyle Heights the chance to express creativity through workshops, readings and more.

Center Theatre Group con la asistencia de organizaciones artísticas y bibliotecas locales les trae cuatro historias. Esta gira teatral es parte de “The Shop”  (El Taller) del Center Theatre Group el cual le provee a los residentes de Boyle Heights la oportunidad para expresar creatividad por medio de talleres, lecturas y más.  

With participation from Center Theatre Group Casa 0101 | East LA Rep | Off the Tracks Theatre Company | Malabar Library | Benjamin Franklin Library | Robert Louis Stevenson Library | Estrada Courts Satellite Library

Con la participación del Center Theatre Group  |Casa 0101 | East LA Rep | La Compañía Teatral Off the Tracks | La Biblioteca Malabar | La Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin | La Biblioteca Robert Louis Stevenson | La Biblioteca Estrada Courts Satellite.