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ART: Why I Stuck with a Junkie Jazzman


Tuesday, June 17, 2014






Laurie Pepper, widow of legendary jazz saxophonist Art Pepper and co-author of "Straight Time" reads from her new memoir, "ART: Why I Stuck with a Junkie Jazzman" and plays rare tracks from her late husband's works. Please join us the Community Room for this extraordinary event. 

"That marriage was the making of me," says Laurie. "Some people go to grad school or join the Marines. I married a genius who valued an inspired me and challenged me to use MY gifts. We had a difficult, powerful partnership. I had to tell that story." She says she also needs to set the record straight and clarify her role: "People think I was some kind of little wifey-saint who rescued him. And Art encouraged them in that. But he knew how truly crazy I could be. We rescued each other."

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