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Middle School: Pre-Algebra


This is a Subject Guide for Pre-Algebra and Algebra.  

Research Strategy:  When looking for materials in the LAPL catalog, it is helpful to do a search using the Subject Heading or Subject Browse option to the word: “Algebra.” When searching for DVD, look for more current materials. 


510 S781         Stahl, Amy        Barron’s painless pre-algebra
This is one of the best books for learning pre-algebra.  It provides the basic concepts of pre-algebra including: Rational numbers, Basic algebra, Ratios and proportions, Percents, Integers, Exponents and roots,  Multi-step equations and inequalities, Linear equations and Polynomials..

510 S749 2003     Cusick, Thomas    Mathematics Made Simple
This book provides many exercises for students.  Teachers can adopt these exercises as sample test questions.  It covers simple mathematics, fractions, decimals, Percentages, algebraic equations, polynomials, linear equations, quadratic equations, sequences & series, geometry, graphs, probabilities, and trigonometry.

510 S997         Szecsei, Denise    Basic Math and pre-Algebra
s covering: numbers, integers, exponents, decimals, equations, ratios and percentages, graphs, linear functions, algebra & geometry,  monomials & polynomials, and applications.  Each chapter gives plenty of examples with step-by-step explanation.  There are review sessions within the chapter to refresh what students had just learned.  Word problems are included in many chapters.

58 2011    Bluman, Allan G.     Pre-algebra demystified
The book is divided into 12 chapters covering: whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, percentage, expressions and equations, ratio and proportion, geometry, measurement, graphing, monomials and polynomials.  Each chapter clearly stated the objectives that student will achieve. Problems are explained in a step-by step process that students can easily understand. There are plenty of practice questions for students to follow along. Each chapter follows with a quiz students to review what has just learned. The Geometry chapter includes how to determine areas and volumes on various geometric figures.

512 L912 Low, Yvonne, Kyoodoz Algebra solution book.  
This book is the perfect solution for coming up with questions for the everyday quiz and exam for your classroom.  There are also plenty of word problems to solve.  It has step-by-step solution to each problem.  It covers fractions, factoring & proportions, Inequalities, quadratic equations, exponents, logarithms, Pythagorean theorem, function, lines & equations, binomial expansions.

x 512 W769        Wingard-Nelson, Rebecca    Algebra and Pre-Algebra
It is a step-by-step guide to understanding pre-algebra and algebra. The book covers the following topics: Integers, Absolute value, Adding integers with like signs, Adding integers with unlike signs, Rational numbers, Addition properties, Subtracting integers, Subtracting rational numbers, Multiplying integers, Multiplying rational numbers, Multiplication properties, Dividing integers, Dividing rational numbers, Variables and expressions, Algebraic sentences, Order of operations, Properties of equality (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, substitution, reflexive, symmetric, transitive), Equations, Multi-step problems, Inequalities.


DVD 512 A3945-8        Algebra for students. Exponential functions
DVD 512 A3945-10      Algebra for students. Linear equations & slope
DVD 512 A3945-12      Algebra for students. Polynomials
DVD 512 A3945-21      Algebra made easy for students. Factoring

Online Resources

Live Homework Help – Online one-on-one tutoring services for K-12th grade.  It covers Elementary Math, middle grade, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus.  This is a free tutoring service that is perfect for your students who are having difficulty solving questions on their own.  A tutor will guide them to a specific homework problem or explain the various concepts in math.  


Learning Express Library
This database is on the LAPL website.  It can be login from the library or another computer with a library card access.  Under Middle School –Math Skills Improvement, one can find these useful topics and practice test: algebra and patterns, basic math, data analysis and probability, geometry and measurement, and California 8th Grade mathematics practice test.

AccessScience (McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology)
This database is on the LAPL website.  It can be login from the library or another computer with a library card access.  Online version of the standard encyclopedia with updated science and technology news, biographies, learning resources, study guides, and links to related web sites.  It gives an academic explanation on the various mathematic terms and concepts.

This is one of the best math help websites, includes jokes, SAT vocabulary quiz, and interactive homework problems. Topics include Pre-Algebra, linear Algebra and other college Algebra.
This sites covers Algebra, Geometry, and Word Problems.  It also divide by grade levels. For example, Grade 7-8 coves integers, exponents, and roots.  The Algebra sections covers simplifying algebraic equations, solving equation from one-step to multiple-steps, and solving equations with decimals.
This site includes many facets of algebra, including polynomials, ration, slope and graphing, variables and linear equations.  

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