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High School: Algebra I & II



This subject resource guide is designed to help high school teachers of algebra find information that will be useful to prepare lesson plans for the classroom.

Catalog Search Strategies

Suggested below are a few search terms to help focus your research. When using these search terms, it is best to do a Subject Search to better target items that will be relevant to your search.

The following list of terms is provided to help you begin a catalog search:Algebra

  • Algebra exercises
  • Algebra Functions
  • Algebra Graphing methods
  • Algebra Outlines
  • Algebra Problems
  • Algebra Study and teaching
  • Algebra Study guides
  • Algebra syllabi
  • Algebra Word problems


Below you will find library items of interest to teachers of Algebra I & II.  You will find books of interest to students (as well as teachers) of these subjects on the Mathematics Grades 9-12 Book List.

Exemplary Practices for Secondary Math Teachers by Alfred S. Posamentier, Daniel Jaye, and Stephen Krulik, 2007. 231 pages. 372.1 P855-1
While this book is directed at the new high school math teacher the information it provides is useful to math teachers at all points in their careers.  It includes chapters on effectively setting yourself up for the year, designing lessons, reasoning and problem solving, and assessment as well as other things.  Also included are extensive references to other materials you will find interesting and useful.

The Colossal Book Of Short Puzzles And Problems: Combinatorics, Probability, Algebra, Geometry, Topology, Chess, Logic, Cryptarithms, Wordplay, Physics And Other Topics Of Recreational Mathematics by Martin Gardner, 2006. 494 pages. 510.76 G227-17
This book compiles puzzles from renowned puzzle guru Martin Gardner (think Scientific American) and arranges them by topic and level of difficulty.  An excellent source of different problems you can challenge your students with.

Algebra Unplugged by Kenn Amdahl and Jim Loats, 1995. 258 pages. 512 A497
While this book is aimed at the student of Algebra rather than the teacher it provides an interesting narrative explanation of the subject that can provide you with ideas for ways to approach specific topics as you prepare your own lessons.

100+ Ideas for Teaching Mathematics by Mike Ollerton, 2007. 140 pages. 372.51 O49-2 2007
This slim book provides you with short, 1-page ideas designed to help you explore highly specific problems with your students.  The problems are organized by subject.

Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher by Julia G. Thompson, 2011. 348 pages. 371.5 T473 2011
This book provides you with many practical ideas and strategies for setting up and managing your high school classroom.  

Teaching Outside the Box:  How To Grab Your Students By Their Brains by LouAnne Johnson, 2011. 297 pages. 371.3 J67-1 2011
This book is chock full of very pragmatic and useful ideas for teachers who are teaching in crowded schools with students who range from engaged to unmotivated.


Algebra for Students, 200. 23 minutes/disk.  DVD 512 A3945
This is a 10 volume DVD series on the topic of Algebra.  Topics covered include: analyzing inequalities, functions & relations, polynomials, and variables, expressions & equations.  It explores the topics it presents thoroughly, making use of real-world, student friendly examples.  This is a tool for you to use with students, either as a supplement in class or for those who need another look at a topic.  You can accompany the DVD with online teacher guides and worksheets.


Research Library (Proquest).  
This database includes full text coverage of a number of journals from the fields of Mathematics (~49) and Education (~192).  Use this database to keep up with your professional development, research specific questions, or browse through topical articles.  Noted journals you will be able to find here include: Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Mathematics and Computer Education, The Mathematics Teacher and Mathematics Teaching; American Teacher and Harvard Educational Review.

General OneFile (Gale).  
This is another general interest database that includes full text coverage of a number of journals from the fields of Mathematics and Education.  Noted journals you will be able to find here include: Mathematics Magazine, Teaching Children Mathematics, The Mathematical Intelligencer and The American Journal of Mathematics; American Journal of Education, The Education Innovator, Equity & Excellence in Education and T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education).

AccessScience (McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology).  
This encyclopedia provides extensive coverage of Math topics.  It is useful for basic definitions and broad introductions to specific topics within the study of Algebra, a resource to direct students to.

This online tool provides you with access to practice tests, courses, eBooks, and exercises to help you in a wide range of subjects, including Algebra.  This is a good source to direct students to for additional help.

Live Homework Help.  
This online tool provides one-on-one tutoring with an expert, live tutor to k-12 students between the hours of 3pm-10pm.  It also includes a Homework Resources section (available 24 hours a day) with lessons, worksheets, study guides, and videos.  Algebra is among the subjects they are more than capable of helping a student with and the chat interface includes a white board component to make sure that that Algebra assistance is effective.  This is a good source to direct students to for additional help and is a source of lesson planning resources for you.


This product out of Florida allows you to browse for math passages from books by book or by author.  Each passage is available for download as a pdf file or as a MP3 audio file.


Below you will find websites of interest to you as a teacher of algebra.  In the section titled “For You” you will find those sites aimed particularly at teachers.  In the section titled “For You & Your Students” you will find those sites aimed for use with or by your students.

For You:
ERIC – Education Resources Information Center
Here you will find an enormous collection of articles on the subject of education, many of them available to you full text.  A standard search interface is provided with limiting options to refine your results.  So, for example, a keyword search on algebra instruction that is limited to full text results yields more than 1300 articles.

NCTM Illuminations
Here you will find the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics resources for teaching math.  Included are activities, lessons, the standards, and web links.

ElibM – The Electronic Library of Mathematics  
This is a repository of online journals, article collections, monographs, and other electronic resources in the field of mathematics.  

DOAJ  – Directory of Open Access Journals
Here you will find free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects and many languages.  Included are 197 mathematics journals and 44 statistics journals.
For You and Your Students:
Kahn Academy
This site is a source of online video tutorials on many subjects.  It was originally started as a math site so its collection of math tutorials is, and remains, excellent.  The link provided will start you on a couple of collections of algebra tutorials.  By the way, the site also offers exercises and if you set up an account and have your students set up accounts naming you as coach then you will be able to access a suite of tools you can use to track your students’ progress.

Shodor Interactivate  
Here you will find an excellent collection of online materials for math and science education.  Each activity provides information for the learner as well as for the instructor to maximize its effectiveness.  Click on the algebra link to limit the item list to those that are algebra specific and explore.

Wolfram MathWorld
This site is an online mathematics dictionary & encyclopedia.  Your students can use it to look up specific terms or to browse articles on various math topics.

Wolfram Alpha
This is a computational knowledge engine.  It is a fun site for you and your students to play with and it covers many areas.  In the area of algebra this engine will do things like perform calculations, graph equations, find the solution(s) of an equation, etc.

Desmos Graphing Calculator
This is an excellent online graphing calculator.  You can use it for basic arithmetic calculations but it really shines as a graphing tool.  Well worth playing with.


You will find books of interest to students (as well as teachers) of Algebra on the Mathematics Grades 9-12 Book List.

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