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Elementary: Basic Math


This is a Subject Guide for Basic Mathematics.  The book list includes books on basic mathematical function: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as further study on fractions, percentages, exponents, square root, ratios, proportions, graphs, monomials and polynomials.   

Research Strategy:  When looking for materials in the LAPL catalog, it is helpful to do a search using the Subject Heading or Subject Browse option to the word: “Mathematics” instead of “Math”.  When searching the catalog, look for more current resources.  Although mathematics never change according to time, the more recent ones will have better illustrations or examples related to current life style.


510 S631 Slavin, Steve    All the Math You’ll Ever Need: A Self-Teaching Guide
This is perfect for any teacher, especially those who are not as Math savvy.  It can teach you all you need to know about basic math in a short time. From long division, multiplication, percentage, solving variables, exponents & square root, ratios & proportions, and median, means & modes.

510 S997 Szecsei, Denise     Basic Math and pre-Algebra
k is divided into 12 chapters covering: numbers, integers, exponents, decimals, equations, ratios and percentages, graphs, linear functions, algebra & geometry,  monomials & polynomials, and applications.  Each chapter gives plenty of examples with step-by-step explanation.  There are review sessions within the chapter to refresh what students had just learned.  Word problems are included in many chapters

510 M1475      McGraw-Hills’s Math, Grade 6
In a workbook format, this book covers simple basic math skill such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, estimation, exponents, distributive property, order of operations, metric units, graphing, area, volume, angles, geometric figures, and learning how to read graphs.  Each chapter comes with many exercises for teacher to demonstrate or for students to practice on. It also includes a 10-week summer study plan for teacher.   

510 M1475-1  McGraw-Hills’s Math, Grade 7
In a workbook format, this book covers somewhat more advance math skill such as fractions, decimals, percentage, learning about graphs (Line, Bar, Circle), calculating probabilities, angles, geometric figures/polygons, areas and volumes.  Each chapter comes with plenty of exercise for teacher to demonstrate or for student to practice on. It also includes a 10-week summer study plan for teacher.   

510 M1475-2      McGraw-Hills’s Math, Grade 8
In a workbook format, this book covers advance math skills such as fractions, improper fractions, operation with fractions and decimals, simple and compound interest, exponents, scientific notation, negative numbers, solving equations, points and line, right triangles and Pythagorean theorem, general statistics and probabilities, and Venn diagrams. It also includes a 10-week summer study plan for teacher.   

x 513 S696    Somervill, Barbara A.         Distance, area, and volume
This is a general introduction of the metric system and the U.S. customary system. Using every day life examples, the book explains what is area and volume and how to measure them. .

x 511 W7695-6    Wingard-Nelson, Rebecca     Ratios and Percents
This book explains ratios, decimals, proportion, geometry, scales, and percentage using simple examples.   The book also touches on the topic of sales tax, discounts, commission, income, tips, and simple interest and compound interest.

X511 L848-4    Long, Lynette        Fabulous Fractions: Games and Activities that make Math Easy and Fun.
This book explains in a fun way to learn about fractions. Many game activities are includes to help students learn about fraction while playing the designated activities. Teachers can adopt some of these games for their classroom use.  

X510 Z38-1    Zaslavsky, Claudia        Math Games & Activities from around the world.
This book is full of activities for teachers and students.  It listed many games from around world using mathematics principles.  Many games include materials needed and what to do.


DVD x 511 B3115-4      Basic Lesson eight, Dividing fractions & review of fractions    
DVD x 511 B3115-1      Basic Math: the complete course. Lesson five, Adding fractions
DVD x 510 B3115         Basic math: Lesson one, Addition & subtraction
DVD x 511 B3115-12    Basic math: the complete course.  Lesson seventeen, Multiplication & division of integers
DVD x 511 B3115-7      Basic math: the complete course. Lesson ten, Multiplying & Dividing decimals.
DVD x 510 B3115-2      Basic math: the complete course. Lesson sixteen, Adding & subtracting integers
DVD x 511 B3115-5      Basic math: the complete course: Lesson twelve, Fractions, decimals & percents
DVD x 513 B3115-2      Basic math: the complete course: Lesson twenty one, Graphing in the coordinate plane

Online Resources

Learning Express Library
This database is on the LAPL website.  It can be login from the library or another computer with a library card access.  Under Middle School –Math Skills Improvement, one can find these useful topics and practice test: algebra and patterns, basic math, data analysis and probability, geometry and measurement, and California 8th Grade mathematics practice test.

Live Homework Help – Online one-on-one tutoring services for K-12th grade.
 It covers Elementary Math, middle grade, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus.  This is a free tutoring service that is perfect for your students who are having difficulty solving questions on their own.  A tutor will guide them to a specific homework problem or explain the various concepts in math. 

This is one of the best math help websites, includes jokes, SAT vocabulary quiz, and interactive homework problems. Topics include Pre-Algebra, linear Algebra and other college Algebra.
This site has lots of games for your students.  They can play while learning math.  In The Thinking Block and Computation (Multiplication, Division, Fraction, and Percentage) of the Game section, students can learn about area and perimeter.
This site has an excellent illustrated math dictionary.  It is a great way to explain mathematical terms.  There are many fun activities/games for your students to do on this website.  

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