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Elementary: Pony Express


Print Resources – Nonfiction

Landau, Elaine  The Pony Express  x 383 L253
Content:  Delivering the Mail—A Wild Ride—Carrying On—Looking Back—To Find Out More—Important Words—Index—Meet the Author

Savage, Jeff  Pony Express Riders of the Wild West  x 383 S264
Content:  The Mail Must and Will Go Through—A Great Express Adventure—The Adventure Begins—Young Skinny Wiry Fellows—Overcoming the Wilderness—Farewell and Forever—Notes by Chapter—Glossary—Further Reading—Index

Harness, Cheryl  They’re Off!  The Story of the Pony Express  x 383 H289
Relates the history of the Pony Express from when it began to carry messages across the American West in April 1860 until the telegraph replaced it in October 1861.

Spradlin, Michael P.  Off Like the Wind!  The First Ride of the Pony Express X 383 S766
Large picture book format with color illustrations.  Includes bibliographical references.

Pierce, Alan  The Pony Express  x 383 P615
Content:  Unknown Rider, Famous Ride—The Telegraph—War and Gold—A Cravin for Mail—The Pony Express—Pony Bob’s Daring Ride—The Beginning of a Legend—Timeline—Fast Facts—Web Sites—Glossary—Index

Sanford, William R. and Green, Carl R.  Buffalo Bill Cody, Showman of the Wild West  x 92 B929Sa
Content:  Riding for the Pony Express—A Boy Grows Up Fast on the Frontier—A Civil War Soldier Finds a Bride—A Buffalo Hunter Turns Celebrity—Hunting with a Grand Duke—On Stage and Off—Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show—Performing for the Queen—A Showman to the End—Notes by Chapter—Glossary—More good reading about Buffalo Bill—Index

Print Resources – Historical Fiction

Hughes, Holly  Hoofbeats of Danger
In 1860, eleven-year-old Annie, who lives at the Red Buttes Pony Express station in the Nebraska Territory, asks Pony Express rider Billy Cody to help her find the person responsible for sabatoging her favorite pony Magpie.

Kent, Deborah  Riding the Pony Express
Fifteen-year-old Lexie follows the Pony Express Trail in search of her brother.

Moody, Ralph  Riders of the Pony Express
A true story of the courageous young riders of the Pony express.

DVD/Video Resources

The History of the Oregon Trail and the Pony Express
Call #:  DVD 978 H6735
1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)
The Oregon Trail (ca. 35 min.) -- The Pony Express (ca. 16 min.).
Summary      :      Two documentary programs. The Oregon Trail is an account of America's longest and most famous pioneer trail, covering the reasons for going, the landscape crossed, and the experience as described in immigrants' diaries. The Pony Express describes the gamble that bankrupted the men who started it, and lasted only 19 months, but made a legend of its riders and provided a vital link between California and the Northern states at the start of the Civil War.

California’s Gold:  Historic Horses
Call #:  VID 979.4 C1555-26
Huell Howser at the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, the oldest Arabian horse breedig program in the U.S.  Howser then attends the 123rd anniversary Pony Express Re-run in Old Town, Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe. Please note that this item is in VHS VIDEO FORMAT.

Web Resources

The Pony Express Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri
The definitive resource for all things Pony Express.  Featuring viewable exhibits, introductory video, historical timeline and more.

U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management has some wonderful links to all kinds of information regarding the Pony Express, which falls under their departmental purview.

You Tube
Check out this fun educational video short (it runs about 3 minutes) entitled Lightning Fast:  The Story of the Pony Express.