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Elementary: Mexican-American War


Print Resources - Nonfiction

Poulakidas, Georgene  The Mexican-American War  x 973.6 P874
Content:  The Causes of War—Mexico’s Trouble in Texas—The Texas Revolution—On the Border of Danger—War!—The United States Strikes Fast—The Battles of Buena Vista and Veracruz—The Battle of Cerro Gordo and the Fall of Mexico City—Paying for Peace—Timeline—Glossary—Index—Primary Sources—Web Sites

Haberle, Susan E.  The Mexican War, 1846-1848  x 973.6 H114
Content:  Before the War—Problems in Texas—War—Fighting in Mexico—The End of the War—Map—Timeline—Glossary—For Further Reading—Places of Interest—Internet Sites—Index

Feldman, Ruth Tenzer  The Mexican-American War  x 973.6 F312
Content:  Bordering on War—Manifest Destiny—Rough and Ready—Continuing Conflict—Conquering Peace—March to Mexico City—The Struggle for Peace—Two Nations, One Border—Major Battles of the Mexican-American War—Mexican-American War Timeline—Glossary—Who’s Who?—Source Notes—Selected Bibliography, Further Reading and Web Sites—Index

Brown, Susan Taylor  The Battle of the Alamo  x 793.1 B879
A History Speaks picture book plus a Reader’s Theater script, which students can use to “act out” the historical facts in the story.

Rumsch, BreAnn  James K. Polk, 11th President of the United States X 92 P769Ru
Content:  James K. Polk—Timeline—Did You Know?—Tennessee Youth—Law and Marriage—Representative Polk—Dark Horse Election—President Polk—The Oregon Treaty—War with Mexico—Home to Polk Place—Office of the President—Presidents and Their Terms—Glossary—Web Sites—Index

Elston, Heidi M.D.  Zachary Taylor, 12th President of the United States X 92 T248El
Zachary Taylor—Timeline—Did You Know?—Young Zachary—Military Family—A Great War Hero—War with Mexico—The Election of 1848—The Twelfth President—The Slavery Debate Continues—A Sudden Death—Office of the President—Presidents and Their Terms—Glossary—Web Sites—Index
Print Resources – Historical Fiction

Fleischman, Sid  The Giant Rat of Sumatra:  or Pirates Galore
A cabin boy on a pirate ship finds himself in San Diego in 1846 as war breaks out between the United States and Mexico.

Martin, Patricia Miles  Grandma’s Gun
During the Mexican War, a little boy helps hide the cannon that enables the settlers of Los Angeles to reconquer their village from the Americans for a short time.

Wood, Frances M.  Daughter of Madrugada
After the United States wins the war with Mexico in 1848, life on her Mexican family’s ranch in California is greatly changed for the 13-year-old Cesa.


Remember the Alamo
Call #  DVD 976.4 R3865
PBS Home Video ; Hollywood, Calif. : Distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment, c2004. 1 videodisc (60 min.)
Originally produced as an episode of the television program The American experience.
Narrator, Hector Elizondo.
Summary : In the early 1830s Texas, under Mexican rule, the region was home to more than 20,000 U.S. settlers agitated by what they saw as restrictive Mexican policies. Mexican officials, concerned with illegal trading and immigration in Texas, were prepared to fight hard to keep the province under their control. Caught in the middle were 4,000 Mexican Texans or Tejanos who were forced to choose a side. The Battle of the Alamo and the war for Texas independence split the Tejano community in two and this film shows how the Tejano gamble for a more prosperous future in an independent Texas proved tragic. Following the revolution, the Tejanos were overwhelmed by a surge of U.S. immigration and through intimidation and theft, land was transferred to U.S. speculators, making Tejanos foreigners in a land they had fought to defend.

Early American History:  Native Americans Through the Forty-Niners
Call #:  DVD 973 T473 (Disc 6)
6 videodiscs : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 course guidebook & 1 study workbook
Copyright date on study workbook: c2005.
Contents      :      pt.1, Lessons 1-10.  Disc 1. Pre Columbian America -- Discovery and exploration of America -- The Virginia Colony -- Pilgrims and Puritans -- Other European Ccolonies ; Disc 2.  Witches, Quakers, and Catholics -- Life in Colonial America -- Swashbucklers, smugglers, and slavers -- The Great Awakening and Enlightenment -- Wars with France ; pt.2, Lessons 11-20. Disc 3.  Seeds of Revolution and War -- Men of the Revolution -- Declaration of Independence -- Revolutionary War - On Land and Sea -- The National Government and the War's End ; Disc 4. Stretching the Western boundaries -- The Constitution -- Washington and the New Government -- French and American Revolutions -- Dividing the patriots - The Two Party System ;  pt.3, Lessons 21-30. Disc 5. Era of Jefferson -- War Hawks, Indians, and the War of 1812 -- Industrial Revolution -- Cities and the Transportation Revolution -- Era of Jackson ; Disc 6. Texas -- The Trails West -- Colonizing the West - The Mormons -- Mexican Territories and War -- West to  California.

Web Resources

Smithsonian Institution Museum of American History
The Price of Freedom:  Printable Exhibition Mexican War$
A fabulous resource containing text, images, artifacts and timelines.

PBS educator web site The U.S.-Mexican War
Excellent educator resource featuring lesson and activity plans, interactive timeline, primary source materials and more.