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Elementary: Important California Figures


Print Resources – Nonfiction

Dolan, Jr., Edward F.  Famous Builders of California  x 920 D659
Traces the lives of seven individuals instrumental in shaping the history of California including Father Junipero Serra, John Sutter, and Luther Burbank.

Coleman, Wim and Perrin, Pat  The Rebellious Californians and the Brave Struggle to Join the Nation  x 979 W692
Contents:  Up with the flag! -- California before the conquest -- Restless new  settlers -- "The pathfinder" leads the way -- A republic ends, a new era begins -- Hispanics and Anglos -- A destiny fulfilled.

Maynard, Charles W.  John Charles Fremont, The Pathfinder x 92 F872May
A brief biography of the man who helped open the way west to California and was later elected as a United States Senator from that state.

Maynard, Charles W.  Jedediah Smith, Mountain Man of the American West  x 92 S651Ma
Follows the life of the nineteenth-century trapper and explorer who earned his reputation on the western frontier.

Hayhurst, Chris  John Sutter, California Pioneer  x 92 S967Ha
Surveys the life of Swiss/German immigrant John Sutter, on whose land gold was discovered in the mid-nineteenth century, spurring the California gold rush and westward expansion.

Greene, Carol  John Muir, Man of the Wild Places  x 92 M953Gre
A biography of the naturalist who was an early proponent of wilderness preservation and helped start the Sierra Club.

Schumacher, Tyler  Junipero Serra, Explorer and Missionary  x 92 S487Sc
Traces the life of Father Junipero Serra, the Spanish explorer and missionary who established nine missions along the California coast.

Print Resources – Fiction

Ryan, Pam Munoz  Riding Freedom
A fictionalized account of Charley (Charlotte) Parkhurst who ran away from an orphanage, posed as a boy, moved to California, and fooled everyone by
her appearance.