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Henkes, Kevin.  Old Bear (xz)—2008
When Old Bear falls asleep for the winter, he has a dream that he is a cub again, enjoying each of the four seasons.

Raczka, Bob.  Who loves fall? (xz)—2007
Rhyming text and illustrations portray the sights and sounds of autumn, from “rakers, leapers, and corn crop reapers” to “trickers, treaters, and turkey eaters.”

Rayner, Catherine.  Bear who Shared. (xz)—2011
Norris the bear has been waiting patiently for the last ripe fruit to fall from the tree, and when it does he decides to share it with his two new friends.

Rockwell, Anne.  Apples and Pupmkins (xz)—1989
In preparation for Halloween night, a Family visits Mr. Comstock’s farm to pick apples and pumpkins

Thompson, Lauren.  Mouse’s First Fall (xz)—2006
Mouse and Minka experience the delights of nature on a windy autumn day.


Fleming, Denise.  The First Day of Winter (xz)—2005
A snowman comes alive as the child building it adds pieces during the first ten days of winter.

Na, Il Sung.  Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit (xz)—2011
While other animals migrate, hibernate, or stay busy all winter, a little white rabbit watches.

Keats, Ezra.  Snowy Day (xz) 1962
The adventures of a little boy in the city on a very snowy day.

Rueda, Claudia.  NO (xz) 2010
Little bear ignores his mother’s warning to go to sleep for the winter and finds himself lost in the middle of a snowstorm.

Thompson, Lauren.  Mouse’s First Snow (xz) 2005
A mouse tries many new things when he and his father go out and play in the snow.

Urbanovic, Jackie.  Duck at the Door (xz) 2007
Max the duck likes to spend the winter in Irene’s house.



Ernst, Lisa Campbell.  Wake up, it’s Spring! (xz) 2004
The sun announces to the earth that spring has arrived, the earth wakes the earthworm who then starts an awakening process all through the natural world ending with a family waking to join in the celebration of spring.

Henkes, Kevin.  Little White Rabbit (xz) 2011
As he hops along, a little rabbit wonders what it would be like to be green as grass, tall as fir trees, hard as rocks, and flutter like butterflies.

Thompson, Lauren.  Mouse’s First Spring (xz) 2005
A mouse and its mother experience the delights of nature on a windy spring day.



Thompson, Lauren.  Mouse’s First Summer (xz) 2004
Mouse and Minka try many new things as they celebrate summer with a picnic in the park.

McClure, Nikki.  Mama is it Summer Yet?  (xz) 2010
As spring slowly turns to summer, a little boy builds a fort and plants a garden in impatient anticipation.



Blexbolex.  Seasons  (xz) 2010
Explores, through brief text and illustrations, various aspects of each season of the year.

Stein, David Ezra.  Leaves  (xz) 2007
A curious bear observes how leaves change throughout the seasons.