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On This Day: August 28

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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Welcome to ON THIS DAY! Each day, we'll look at a few moments from history and popular culture. We'll show you where you can rediscover classic movies and music, or read more about great moments in history. We'll point you to e-books, downloadable and streamable music and film, and e-audio; and of course, we haven't forgotten about physical books or DVDs.

Sheridan Le Fanu On this day in 1814, Sheridan Le Fanu was born. Le Fanu was an early writer of mystery and horror fiction, and was a key figure in the development of the modern ghost story. He was an important influence on Bram Stoker, Wilkie Collins, and Arthur Conan Doyle. Among Le Fanu's best work is the novel Uncle Silas, a gothic thriller which is one of the earliest examples of the locked-room mystery. Uncle Silas is available as an e-book at OverDrive, or in print.
Robertson Davies: Tempest-Tost On this day in 1913, Robertson Davies was born. Davies wrote in a wide range of genres, including literary criticism, plays, a collection of short stories, and eleven novels. Davies' novels fall into four trilogies (the fourth was left incomplete when he died), each centered around on a common small-town setting or a central character. Davies' first novel, Tempest-Tost, begins the Salterton Trilogy, and tells the story of an amateur theatrical group putting on a production of The Tempest; it's available as an e-audio at OverDrive, or in print.
Lou Piniella: Lou And on this day in 1943, Lou Piniella was born. Piniella played the outfield, and had a 16-year career with several different teams in Major League Baseball. He was the American League Rookie of the Year in 1969. After retiring as a player, Piniella spent 25 years as a manager, again with multiple teams. He was named Manager of the Year three times, and is among the top 20 managers in career wins. As a player and manager, Piniella was noted for his temper, and was given the tongue-in-cheek nickname "Sweet Lou." Piniella's memoir, Lou, tells the story of almost fifty years in professional baseball; it's available as an e-book or e-audio at OverDrive, or in print.