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On This Day: August 27

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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In the mood for a good movie? Some toe-tapping music? A thrilling book? ON THIS DAY will lead you to new possibilities every day, tied to interesting moments from history and popular culture. Whether it’s streamable and downloadable music and film, e-books and e-audio, or physical books and DVDs, we hope you’ll find something to enjoy as you pick up a few bits of history each day.

C. S. Forester: Mr. Midshipman Hornblower On this day in 1899, C. S. Forester was born. Forester was the author of about 40 novels, but is best remembered for the Horatio Hornblower series, twelve books published between 1937 and 1962. Hornblower is a Royal Navy officer during the Napoleonic wars. In the first published volume, Hornblower is in mid-career. The book's success led to sequels, some of which Forester used to fill in the past of his character. As a result, the sequence of events in the books does not match the sequence of publication. Mr. Midshipman Hornblower finds Hornblower as a young sailor at the beginning of his career; it's available as an e-audio at OverDrive, or in print.
Alice Coltrane: Universal Consciousness On this day in 1937, Alice Coltrane was born. Coltrane was a jazz pianist and harpist who worked mostly in Detroit until her marriage to John Coltrane in 1965; she was the pianist in his bands until his death in 1967. Over the next decade, she released about a dozen albums of her own. Coltrane was largely inactive after the mid-1970s, recording some spiritual music that was released privately only to members of her ashram (some of that music has recently been released on CD) and releasing a final album in 2004. Several of Alice Coltrane's albums are available for streaming at Hoopla.
Breaking and Entering And on this day in 1955, the Guinness Book of Records was first published; the book is now published under the title Guinness World Records. The first edition was compiled by twin brothers Norris and Ross McWhirter, who remained in charge of the book for many years. Over the years, the records included in the book have changed. Most eating and drinking records, for instance, were dropped in 1991 for fear that attempts to break the records would be unsafe. The documentary Breaking and Entering follows several people on their attempts to set new world records and make it into Guinness World Records; it's available for streaming at Hoopla.