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On This Day: August 10

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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Welcome to ON THIS DAY! Each day, we'll look at a few moments from history and popular culture. We'll show you where you can rediscover classic movies and music, or read more about great moments in history. We'll point you to e-books, downloadable and streamable music and film, and e-audio; and of course, we haven't forgotten about physical books or DVDs.

Laurence Bergreen: Over the Edge of the World On this day in 1519, five ships left Seville, Spain, under the command of Ferdinand Magellan, the beginning of what would be the first complete circumnavigation of the Earth. Magellan did not finish the voyage; he was killed in the Philippines during a battle with a local tribal leader who refused to convert to Christianity. Of the five ships and 237 men who left Seville, only one ship and 18 men returned three years later. In Over the Edge of the World, Laurence Bergreen tells the story of Magellan's expedition; it's available as an e-book or e-audio at OverDrive, or in print.
Eddie Fisher: Greatest Hits On this day in 1928, Eddie Fisher was born. Fisher was one of the most popular singers of the early 1950s, topping the charts with hits like "Wish You Were Here," "Oh! My Papa," and "I Need You Now." In 1959, Fisher's career was rocked by the scandal surrounding his divorce from Debbie Reynolds and marriage to Elizabeth Taylor; his television variety show was cancelled, and his career never really recovered from the negative publicity. Several of Fisher's albums are available for streaming or download at Freegal.
Susan Whetzel: The S'mores Cookbook And today is National S'mores Day. Instructions for making the campfire treat go back at least to the 1920s, and the name "s'mores" dates from sometime in the 1930s. Susan Whetzel offers 50 different recipes featuring the combination of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow in The S'mores Cookbook -- eclairs, bread pudding, brownies, even a chocolate graham pancake with marshmallow sauce. The S'mores Cookbook is available as an e-book at OverDrive.