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On This Day: June 25

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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Prince of the City On this day in 1924, Sidney Lumet was born. Lumet's show business career began when he was five, as a child actor in New York's Yiddish theater. In the 1950s, he directed hundreds of episodes of television before making his first feature film, 12 Angry Men, in 1957. Lumet's best films are thoughtful dramas, usually set in New York, and often focused on ordinary men fighting against powerful social forces. Highlights of Lumet's career include Serpico, Network, The Verdict, and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. His 1981 movie Prince of the City stars Treat Williams as a police officer working to expose corruption on the force; it's available for streaming at Hoopla.
Clifton Chenier: Zodico Blues & Boogie On this day in 1925, Clifton Chenier was born. Chenier was a virtuoso accordion player, and one of the most popular and respected musicians in zydeco, which adds R&B and jazz elements to traditional Cajun music. In the mid-1950s, Chenier redesigned the traditional washboard, used as a percussion instrument in zydeco, into a lighter and more portable version called a "frottoir" that was worn over the shoulders. Several of Chenier's albums are available for streaming at Hoopla.
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl And on this day in 1947, the diary of Anne Frank was first published, in Amsterdam, under the title Het Achterhuis (The Annex). The diary had been a gift to Frank from her father on her 13th birthday, and she wrote in it during the two years that she and her family were in hiding during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. The Franks and the others in hiding with them were discovered in 1944 and sent to concentration camps; Anne Frank died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen in 1945. Her diary was first published in English (as The Diary of a Young Girl) in 1952, and has been translated into more than fifty languages. The Diary of a Young Girl is available as an e-book or e-audio at OverDrive, in print, or as an audiobook.