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On This Day: June 18

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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June is National Candy Month! Whether you're partial to jelly beans, caramel, fudge, or lollipops, this is the month to celebrate the history and flavor of your favorite sweet treats. At ON THIS DAY, we celebrate the month with three candy-themed e-books from our collection.

Courtney Dial Whitmore: Candy Making for Kids It's children who most enjoy eating candy, so why shouldn't they also have the fun of making it? In Candy Making for Kids, Courtney Dial Whitmore offers easy recipes for toffee, candy worms, fudge, and other confections. Whether they're making it to share with friends, as a birthday gift for a classmate, or just as an occasional snack, kids will have a blast creating their own candy. Candy Making for Kids is available as an e-book at OverDrive
Susan Benjamin: Sweet as Sin Susan Benjamin explores the history of candy in Sweet as Sin, from the use of marshmallow in ancient Egypt to today's mass-produced candy bars and gumdrops. She follows the changes in what types of candy have been popular throughout history, tells us the stories of the forgotten innovators, and discovers that many of our popular candies have ties to world's fairs and other historical events. Sweet as Sin is available as an e-book at OverDrive.
Sammi Carter: Candy Apple Dead Sammi Carter's "Candy Shop Mystery" series is set at the Divinity Candy Shop in Colorado, where Abby Shaw makes and sells candy, and solves the occasional murder. The series begins with Candy Apple Dead, in which Abby's neighbors seem disturbingly unbothered by the murder of an ambitious businessman. Candy Apple Dead is available as an e-book at OverDrive.