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The Big Draw L.A.

YA Services, Central Library,

In October, we take part in The Big Draw LA (, a celebration of the act of drawing.  Oftentimes, teens say that they can’t draw and are stumped by a blank sheet of paper. The premise of The Big Draw LA is that everyone can draw. Some of the easiest things to draw are geometric shapes. So this year, I thought we would take our inspiration from Abstract artists, such as Kandinsky, Mondrian, and Pollock. In particular, we looked at Kandinsky’s Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles (1913). We attempted our own version; everyone had their own piece of paper to decorate with concentric circles.  Teens chose their own media and color scheme.  We used watercolors, gouache, or oil pastels and soft pastels.  By far, everyone loved working with the pastels.  There was something about the smudging and blending the pastel pigments and getting your fingers dirty that made it all a lot of fun.  We then put everyone’s creation together to create one large display (click on the above image to see the entire display). 

If you missed our event at the Angeles Mesa Branch Library, you can take part in other Big Draw events in your neighborhood.  October doesn’t have to be the only month you can be inspired to just take the time to do a doodle or maybe create some sidewalk chalk art. 

Look at what we can draw together!